Father, son of Venusfalle, stunned and robbed 2

Father, son of Venusfalle, stunned and robbed

The original Serb (Austrian citizen) had a plunder before the Vienna District Court today. The 27-year-old attendant (partly in Vienna, partly in Serbia) for years enjoyed the trust of a prosperous man (he even had a housekeeper), he also bought bank transactions for Vienna. As a result, she knew the code of the victim. The young man may have long been secretly in love with Balkan beauty.

Her ex boyfriend brought a minimum income recipient (Note: You received 100 euros a week from the club, cleared your income by buying a drug) on the idea of ​​destroying the two gentlemen. Twenty-four-year-old boy volunteered to father and son at the end of January 2019, he wondered if he could come. The two gentlemen were happy about the company, they ate together, and then she was about to "get cigarettes."

In fact, she met her lover (who was negotiating separately) behind the corner, who gave her a medicine containing protipendil (Note: sleep aid, known in Austria as a Domino) and cocaine for their own use, so it really pulls that thing off.

Ripped off

The 27-year-old spent midnight drinking champagne with his father and son and maintained contact with his boyfriend over social media. Then she said the champagne was too warm, sneezed with the drink in the bathroom, and added sleeping pills. 20 minutes later, father and son were flat. Then the 27-year-old took 10,000 euros from her father's portfolio, her handbags and ATMs and credit cards. After an hour she left the apartment and immediately followed a friend in the 15th district.

Then the duo raised 400 euros, and later 1.500 euros, another attempt failed. In the morning, the 27-year-old tried again at the ATM, but the card was made up. Almost all the money he had given to his former boy, even more "low moods", bought Porsche the same day. Her lawyer, Andreas Reichenbach, said: "She was allowed to keep 1,000 euros, bought a drum for clothes, she only acted on her behalf."

Viagra and sleeping pills

The two woke up a little before 11:00 and noticed they were robbed. Father and son submitted an appeal in the end. A blood test, including a report, showed that they had a sleeping pills. And very hard for the younger: The son threw in front of him – in the hope that hot night will come – Viagra.

Reichenbach, a Vienna lawyer, told report: "This was relevant to the indictment – even if it was a heavy plunder or a" normal "plunder. If my client gave two K-drops, that would be a heavy plunder.

The accused was completely and pending at the trial, and a partial prison sentence was pronounced. Verdict: 18 months of part-time imprisonment, of which four months are necessary (legally binding). The 27-year-old has already spent four months in custody, so she was allowed to go home.

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Father, son of Venusfalle, stunned and robbed 3
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