"Fernsehgarten": Has ZDF disbanded singer for her short hairstyle? 2

"Fernsehgarten": Has ZDF disbanded singer for her short hairstyle?


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Swiss singer Géraldine Olivier in an open letter claims she is not allowed to appear in the garden of ZDF television due to her short hairstyles. The transmitter now commented on the allegations.

The hairy thing: Swiss pop singer Géraldine Olivier (52) wrote an open letter to ZDF and then released it on Facebook.

In a letter to the theater director ZDF Thomas Bellut and program director Norbert Himmler, she complains that she is not allowed to perform at the Fernsehgarten. Reason: Apparently, her new short hairstyle is not a favor: "One music editor then told him (manager Géraldine Olivier), based on:" Your wife liked me with hair, Kurzhaarfrisur I do not love the sun ". She then did not have any songs on their CD would not attract their attention, "he says.

And yet, "Of course, I have no right to judge the freedom of the press, and therefore the editorial's decision regarding my artistic work, but judging the rejection of my first optic change for me is an unbearable decision. (…) Editorialism is not to make its decision based on purely subjective feelings based on my new hairstyle, which is far from being reprehensible or suggestive, so it would not be fair for a family show on Sunday morning.

ZDF: "Optical Criteria Are Not Important"

ZDF does not want to accept the criticism of the singer. Contrary to Bild, spokeswoman Stefan Unglaube said: "Of course, that relationship does not exist. Optical criteria do not play a role in the editor's choice of artists."

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