Formula 1, Giovinazzi has inspired confidence: I am on Kimia 2

Formula 1, Giovinazzi has inspired confidence: I am on Kimia – Looking at the overall ranking of Formula 1 season 2019, Antonio Giovinazzi was all but unconvincing. The Alfa Romeo rookie still has no World Cup points before the 9th race in the calendar in Austria. Despite the heavyweight debut season, he was in good shape before the race on Red Bull Rings. The Italian has raised confidence even without great progress.

"I'm really happy, my reference is a world champion, I'm lucky and happy to see that I'm very close to him, and sometimes before that," explains Giovinazzi, where he encourages morale. Coach Kimi Räikkönen is far ahead of him in the World Cup with 19 points, but in the qualifications Giovinazz has recently come to Icemana.

In Bakuka he was the fastest time in the world championships in 2007 and for the last time he won twice in Montreal and La Castellette. In the qualifying duel that runs inside the team, he is on the edge 5: 3 for Räikkönen at the edge of the connection. "Trust exists after two good qualifying sessions, I just need a better result for the next step," Giovinazzi said.

Giovinazzo's upward trend is covert with a weak Alpha performance

At the beginning of the season, the experience of a newer experience was clearly visible after having virtually circled virtually two years before its promotion to the premier class as a Ferrari simulator driver: "I was running last 2016 and then just 24 hours of Le Mans. at the beginning of 2017 two races for Sauber. "

Charles Leclerc earned a promotion in Ferrari 2018 in just one season with Alfa Romeo Sauber. The expectations of Giovinazzi, also from the Ferrari Driver Academy, were in line with that high. But his predecessor had a much easier time with Marcus Ericsson, and he also needed several races to find his way around Formula 1. On the fourth race in Baku, Leclerc achieved his first points.

For the first time, Giovinazzi broke the Q3 on the city circuit just because he had nothing – just like the rest of his move, because in the beginning there were not many Alfa Romeos in Azerbaijan. "I was in Baku in the third quarter, but I had a penalty for the net, and after Baku's car performance in Barcelona and Monaco was not the best," says Giovinazzi. "And there I actually improved, I was always close to Kim."

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Giovinazzo still sees the tension in the race: Chemistry is better

In Le Castellet his performance eventually became his resignation. He came to soft rubber in the third trimester and cut it off in his body. "It was the worst race for entering the third quarter," said the 25-year-old who did not have good results with a soft gum. The tire did not last ten rounds, which ultimately forced him to "all in one place" strategy: "I could not do anything, that was the worst strategy."

While some media doubted its future in Formula 1 after just a few races, it was always tight in the Alfa Romeo sedan. "The team is very supportive and very grateful for it, which is important for my motivation," says Giovinazzi. "But for even more motivation, better results are needed, and of course I want to do that, the pace already exists, we just need a clean race that suits strategy and everything."

On Sunday, however, he sees himself as a lack. For even if he comes in front of Räikkönen in qualifying, he is always at the forefront of the race: "I'm a little more aggressive than he, and maybe he's got a better run, he knows what he's doing in the race, he knows what he wants and all that can be in short, take it from him. "