Gourmet fat coffee - it works 2

Gourmet fat coffee – it works

Can not you get out of bed with no coffee in the morning? The new study now says that a cup a day helps to lose weight

One – sometimes two or three – cups of coffee a day is mandatory for many people. There is probably no caffeine drink that is popular like brown gold. According to the annual report on coffee Tchibo Since 2018, Germans drink an average of 3.4 cups per day. This raises the question: is coffee healthy? There are studies that associate coffee consumption with lower probability of heart and throat disease and longer life expectancy. There is now a new study that shows that coffee can help you lose weight.

So coffee can help you lose weight

New study in "Scientific Reports " it was reported that drinking a cup of coffee daily stimulates brown fats or "brown fat" in the body. This fat acts differently from other fat in our body because it creates heat by burning sugar and fat. Professor Michael Symonds, co-director of the study, explains: "Increasing its activity (brown fat) not only improves blood glucose control but also lipid levels in the blood, and additional calories will help with weight loss."

Study: You can drink the most coffee a day

What role does coffee play in its entirety? Researchers have found that coffee stimulates brown flesh in the body. The thermal camera showed that brown fat in the neck became warmer after somebody drank a cup of coffee. Of course, further research is needed to understand whether caffeine or other coffee features are responsible for stimulating brown fat. For us, these research results sound like a good reason to directly drink a cup of coffee.