Heidi as a drag-show joke: sharp criticism of the queer scene 2

Heidi as a drag-show joke: sharp criticism of the queer scene

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Heidi Klum as a drag-show joke: sharp criticism of the queer scene

ProSieben wants to produce "Queen of Drags" with the German version of "RuPaul's Drag Race" – with his wife Heidi Klum, Bill Kaulitz and Tom Neuwirth (formerly known as Conchita Wurst). However, the jury selection is now causing great noise in parts of the queer scene.

Margina Schlönzkea, Berlin's Queen of Queens, has launched a petition asking for her to be replaced by Heidi Klum queer (first reported by queer.de).

In the petition, Schlönzke and her fans clearly explain their claims: "Heidi Klum has absolutely no idea about Drago, his history, his attitude to life, identity, pulling culture, the scene, and the entire industry." A petition called Schlönzke with "No photo for Heidi".

Will Heidi Klum's new show be queer "GNTM"?

The format as such is explicitly welcome. One problem, however, is that Heidi Klum is the front man, the program is programmed as "selling a community of withdrawal to a heterodynamic audience for pure party fun and the entire retreat community."

Allegedly, Schlönzke and the signatories fear that Klum and ProSieben will turn the German "RuPaul's Drag Race" into queer "German Next Topmodel". Instead of enlightenment, it will be "reproach, personal drama, mere picture of the most vicious and expected stereotypes," they believe. Klum earns money from "cultural appropriation" and represents "cultural abuse".

"GNTM" is again and again for the mediated image of women in criticism. The fear of being "dragged by the Queen" is overcome by similar results, such as showing the model at least not so far.

The American beloved queen was already in "GNTM" Heidi Klum

So without any points of contact with the retractable scene, Heidi Klum and "GNTM" were not. As in the past, Heidi Klum also called four American queens to the show in the current 14th season.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (Respectively Miss Vanjie) Silk Noodle Ganache. Nebraska Thunderfuck and Britney-Spears-Double Derrick Barry Candidates mixed many make-up, glittering costumes and elaborate choreographies.

Still: Instead of Klum, who calls the petition "a heteronormative white woman," which has not had a significant visible relationship with the retreat community so far and has not lived so far, ProSieben should choose more famous queer personalities. "In Germany, there is no shortage of potential, competent and queer opportunities."

Among the nominees are Guido Maria Kretschmar, Ralph Morgenstern, René Koch, Lilo Wanders, Hella von Sinnen, Gayle Tufts, Desirée Nick, Harald Glööckler and Georg Preuße.

More than 600 people have already signed a petition. People have also criticized the decision of ProSieben in social networks. Instagram users commented: "Do not you really understand what Heidi Klum has with pulling?" and "It's more than turning into a woman, Heidi is the worst possible choice."


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All fans of Heidi Klum can be happy: from Wednesday we know that there will be a new German top model show. "Queen of Drags" is the title of a TV program.

Prosieben presented the show on Wednesday at the "Days of Power" in Cologne. On stage were Tom Neuwirth (former Conchita Wurst) and Bill Kaulitz. His brother (and probably soon his wife Heidi) Tom will be a jury member in "The Queen Tie" with him.

At the presentation of Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz …

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