High temperatures especially for construction workers are very dangerous

If the thermometer rises above 30 degrees, the health risk becomes much greater, especially for outdoor workers. Although there are unbearable temperatures theoretically without heat, but only the employer decides on it. Improper behavior can have serious consequences for workers and, in the worst case, it could be fatal, experts say APA-Gespräch.

"Since the human body has a constant body temperature of about 37 degrees, the body strives to maintain it, and it can only do it by cooling, especially by sweating, and the heart needs to do much more to do so," environmental doctors said. Hans-Peter Hutter from Medical School in Vienna in APA-Gespräch. If this heat stress anyway adds to the hard work, it can be loud Hutter quickly reaches the sunshine or even the collapse of the heat.

As of May 1, the new collective agreement for construction workers prescribes that they can get heat without 32.5 degrees instead of the previous 35 degrees. "If construction work stops due to heat, a" bad weather "scheme will be applied, and workers will receive 60 percent of the salary, and the company will bear no expenses as the BUAK returns the losses to the companies, explains Ulrike Sangeorzan-Sporer Chamber of Commerce Austria on APA-REQUEST. In the heat it is customary to switch off working hours in the morning or to avoid long-term exposure to the sun by alternating work in indoor and outdoor areas. In addition, the employer usually provides drinking water, sunscreen and hair care hat Available. Sangeorzan-Sporer does not see the need for additional regulations.

Beware of the heat collapse

"Of course, now, the employer is legally obliged to look up to 32.5 degrees, and there are other jobs, and it is always important that the job does not have to be completely stopped," he said. Hildegard Weinke from protecting the workers from the Chamber of Labor to APA, But despite temperatures You simply continue to work, first symptoms such as headaches or dizziness can occur. "If you ignore them, you can also get into an acute situation that can cause a heat shock or even a stroke, which can lead to permanent brain damage or even death," he says. Hutter.

Many people are not aware of this danger, but heat is not the only problem. "It is also important to protect against UV rays because skin cancer is always dangerous, preventive measures must be taken, for example, that the employer is required to provide adequate protective equipment," he says. Weinke.