Hollyoaks & #; Stephanie Waring reveals her weight during anorexia …

Stephanie Waring showed her weight fell to 4kg during a 14-year anorexia fight.

Actress, famous for playing Cindy Cunnigham in Soap Channel 4, was openly talking about her eating disorder, which she struggled for her life.

Talk to the new! The magazine, the star, said she had been in the hospital for four months: "It was bad, very bad, I was 4.7 lbs." Doctors basically said, "If you do not go to the hospital you can be hit by a bus because you will die."

At the beginning of the fight with the eating disorder, she said, "I was a great kid and I wanted to look good in hot pants. I dietetic, but the diet never ceased."

Stephanie said she had "lost more and more weight," for which she became "scared" for fear of gaining weight.

Anorexia is a very serious mental illness that causes a person to limit the amount they eat.

The goal of eating disorders is to maintain body weight as low as possible, avoiding food, vomiting, or excessive exercise.

Steph, 41, added that she had reached a point where she did not eat for more than a year and trained her three times a day – resulting in hospitalization.

Stephanie, who is known for her healthy lifestyle, has admitted that the disease would "never leave," but she now has a more positive relationship with food.

She said, "I do not think you will ever leave, especially since I was so young, now I have 41 years, but it is psychologically so deeply rooted in you that it always remains in my mind."

Stephanie is best known for playing Cindy in the teenage drama Hollyoaks.

He took on the role of 1996 – although he has several times left the show only to return.

2018. Stephanie was the other person who left Dancing On Ice after skating with Lemara in skate-off.

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Stephanie Waring showed her weight fell to 4kg during a 14-year anorexia fight.