"Let's dance a professional challenge": the record winners receive again, the next jury is betraying 2

"Let's dance a professional challenge": the record winners receive again, the next jury is betraying

Cologne –

The next win, the next title for Ekaterina Leonov on "Let's Dance"!

After being born in Russia (he read all about the upcoming deportation of dancer "Let's Dance" Ekaterine Leonova) he trained three celebrity candidates for the victory, she was also the audience of a great professional challenge that was most convincing – together with Massimo Sinat├│.

With her sensual and hot Tango Argentine couple, she brought the audience to the studio almost to the rest. For a few minutes there was a duo ovation.

Ekaterina Leonova welcomes the title "Let's Dance"

The hamster Ekat did not keep it for joy. And Massimo praised the "general", while the dancer likes to call the famous person: "Tango Argentino, with that woman … madness!"

Apart from the prestigious trophy – the great disco balls – which turns out to be slightly smaller than the trophies of celebrities for a professional challenge, the special prize is also part of the bonus to win.

Since the winner, as announced earlier, could choose a partner for the next season. Which professional winner will be, or both winners will get that little advantage, is not clear yet.

But moderator Daniel Hartwich has revealed that next year the jury will be made up of Motsi Mabuse, Jorge Gonzalez and Joachim Llambi. His modern colleague Victoria Swarovski will also be there. Hartwich: "We'll see you next year."

Dance of "Let's Dance" Christina Luft prevents bad accidents

During the show, the jury, leaders and spectators experienced a moment of shock: Christina Luft (29) pulled her leg out of the armor with her acrobatic insert.


Christina Luft performs with her acrobats.

Suddenly he hung on one side to the rope. "That's part of me," she told Christina laughing after her appearance at EXPRESS. He also added:

"I seem to be doing it every season once – I was a bit tense – the excitement, people, of course, that's all, then I pulled out a bit, but I'm strong, I can hold one hand.

But Christina did not have the fear of having to go back to the ropes at the end of her performance. "That was nice," she said.

Oana Nechiti: Back to "Let's Dance"

She liked Oana Nechiti (31) – for "Let's Dance" returned emotionally – and twice!

Because the beautiful dancer confused the audience with a double performance. It has received very special support for this. Sister Diana (33) arrived from Romania. "She never danced, we just called her as two fools," Olan tells us in conversation and laughing.

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Erich Klann with Oman Nechiti and her sister Diana. The two see confusingly similar.

"Let's Dance – a Great Professional Challenge": Oana Nechiti talks about her sister Diani

Oana continues: "She has a lot of work because she's twice a mom, but it's just a family. Get out right now when your family needs it. It was a wonderful experience that we were allowed to experience in the trials."

Of course, O's great love is Erich Klann (32). The fact that nurses, who accidentally have a birthday the same day, but in different years, incredibly similar, Erich has already experienced.

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Erich Klann almost confused his love with O's Nechiti with her sister

"When we lived together in Romania, I almost kissed the wrong person, so I always look at it very carefully before," he laughs.


These dance stars are part of "Let's Dance – a Great Professional Challenge".

Diana lives with her husband and two children in Romania, where she is an actress and a visitor.

Oana explains, "I think this is a one-off thing, she also had dance passages in the plays and she really liked it, but we did not even think about it, but we only enjoyed it in the three together."