People with severe disabilities receive their own dental clinic

"We are proud of this outpatient clinic because it gives our residents much more quality care," said Markus Bachmann, member of the Volmarstein Protestant Board. This benefits people with severe disabilities living in Haus Bethanien and Hans-Vietor-Haus in Volmarstein. The location of the ambulance is the Bethanien house. Every Tuesday there are residents treated.

"For dental examinations and treatment of these people, a mobile treatment unit was purchased," explains the owner of a national disability-oriented stool chair, prof. Dr. Honey. Andreas Schulte, of the University of Witten / Herdecke, dental cooperation. "This allows us to address most of the dental problems of our patients as if the treatment took place at the University Dental Clinic in Witten. Only general anesthetic treatment is not currently possible on the spot.

For people who live in two Volmarsteiner plants, this means great relief: until now they had to drive dental problems that were always at the dental clinic in Witten. "That appointment lasted for three to four hours, and for patients it was extremely exhausting," says Anja Schleiden, home administrator at Haus Bethanien and Hans-Vietor-Haus. At Volmarstein, the dates are now shorter. Since they take place in a familiar environment, they are much more relaxed for patients.

"Establishing an ambulance in Wetter is yet another important step in our journey to provide optimal and effective dental care for people with disabilities," says prof. Dr. Honey. Stefan Zimmer, Head of the UW / H Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department. "The first and most important thing to do was establish a Department of Dentistry focused on people with disabilities, which would not be possible without the Software Foundation Foundation," Zimmer summed up. "We are very grateful to the Foundation for this."

Dr. Jörg Stockmann, Chief Medical Officer of a New Clinic for Inclusive Medicine in Ev. The Hagen-Haspe Hospital Foundation Volmarstein has in principle clarified, which is the challenge of high-quality medical care for people with disabilities. "As a doctor you treat patients who have little or nothing to say about their condition because of their severe disability," he explained. And: "It always takes a lot of empathy!"

Since its founding in 1982, Witten / Herdecke (UW / H) has played a pioneering role in the German educational landscape. As a model of the university with about 2,600 students in the field of health, economics and culture, UW / H represents the reform of the classic alma mater. Transferring knowledge to UW / H is always going hand in hand with value orientation and personality development.

Ev. The Volmarstein Foundation is a diocesan organization based in Wetter / Ruhr, which since 1904 has been involved in the areas of disability and elderly care, occupational rehabilitation and medicine. More than 3,000 children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, and several thousand patients annually care about the facilities in the EN district, Hagen and Dortmund, as well as in Ivenack (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern).

idw 2019/06