Prize for Media for Preventive Reporting on Suicide 2

Prize for Media for Preventive Reporting on Suicide

Submissions for "Papageno" are possible until July 10th

Vienna (OTS / BMASGK) For the first time, the Ministry of Health has awarded Papageno the Media Reporting Prize for Preventive Suicide. The award honors journalists who have dealt with this topic and who have made effective journalistic supplements for the prevention of suicide. ****

Media reports of suicide play an important role in social education and prevention. It could be proven that a particular form of reporting not only prevents suicide imitations ("Werther's effect") but can generally prevent suicide ("paranoid effect"). The papagno effect refers to the Papagena from the Mozart opera "Magical frills". Papageno can overcome initial suicidal thoughts in the opera with the help of others.

In Austria, the Austrian Press Council in 2012 adopted a report on preventive suicide in its code of honor.

For further dissemination of media guidelines and promotion of suicidal-preventive reporting, the Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Welfare, Health and Consumer Protection (BMASGK) and the Austrian Society for Suicide Prevention (ÖGS) and Wiener Werkstätte für Suizidforschung will for the first time issue annual Papageno Papageno. Media Award for Best Journalist Contribution to Suicide Prevention.

The papageno media award is worth 5,000 euros.

Journalists' contributions can be submitted by the authors themselves, and submission may be made by third parties.

Applications can be made until July 10, 2019 in the is submitted.

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