Rescuers welcome the emergency call button on a mobile phone 2

Rescuers welcome the emergency call button on a mobile phone

Scandalizing numbers: According to the Comparis survey, two-thirds of Swiss people do not know how to quickly get assistance with mobile phones in emergencies. LOOK gives directions.

Actually, you can easily make an emergency call with your smartphone. For example, five times press the power button on iPhone (see instructions at the bottom).

However, according to the comparative survey of, 68 percent of Swiss citizens do not know this. Many also do not use emergency passes with useful information about cell phone owners, emergency contacts, and medical information such as allergies or bloodstream.

But how do the savers themselves see new technical possibilities? Positive – but fairly differentiated, as requested by BLICK.

"In principle, one day too, and not too much," says Ivo Bähni, spokesman for the protection and rescue of the city of Zurich. And Christoph Gnägi from Cantonal Police Bern says, "The more urgent the emergency call, the better." It is therefore important that an emergency call be dialed quickly – with the number available or known.

Who knows the exact number of emergency services should choose this

The European Emergency Number 112, which is also automatically dialed by the mobile phone for emergency calls, by chance, in Switzerland at the national level in the police, and at number 117.

Anyone who knows the numbers of emergency services in Switzerland can also choose it directly, so 144 for the nurses, 118 for the fire, and 117 for the police. It can also save time. "The person seeking help decides for himself who needs help and comes immediately to the right expert," says Ivo Bähni of Schutz & Rettung.

For example, in the storm, all of the flooded cellars would call 112 and at the same time someone with a heart attack, and then threaten to delay the emergency. Protection and rescue, therefore, advises, if possible, always alert directly to appropriate emergency services, in this case at 118 for flooded basement and 144 for heart attacks.

"Even if a different emergency number is selected, emergency call centers are in close contact, coordinate operations and link the search to the right place," says Ivo Bähni of Schutz & Rettung.

Depending on the canton, the calls are still in the same headquarters. For example, in Bern, where 117, 118 and 112 were accepted into one of the four regional operative centers of the cantonal police. Only in the city of Bern you can come directly to firefighters.

There are no false alarms due to an automatic emergency call on a cell phone

By the way, you do not have to worry about someone else notifying emergency services. "We welcome the fact that people have repeatedly chose the emergency number," Schutz & Rettung der Stadt Zürich writes.

Have you had any issues with an automatic emergency call on your mobile? "Not yet," says the media spokesman. So there were no technical false alarms, but the function rarely used.

Also, an emergency pass on the phone, professionals find a good idea. "We should certainly welcome the fact that those seeking help inform our emergency services about important conditions or previous illnesses," says Ivo Bähni. However, it makes sense to handle important information such as paper allergies.

People find a text message

Otherwise, the protection and rescue of the city of Zurich also relies on modern technology to save people. So the link is sent via a text message to locate the affected. This way, they can automatically communicate their location according to data protection – if your mobile phone has an internet connection and the location is enabled on your device.

In the future, new standards should provide even greater security. For example, eCall for Cars and Advanced Mobile Location for Smartphones. Both of them automatically transfer position information via SMS or over the Internet when selecting a compatible emergency number – safe, reliable and according to unique standards. Both services are not yet in use in Switzerland. "However, efforts are being made in cooperation with the Federal Communications Office," says Christoph Gnägi from Cantonese police in Bern.

How to use an emergency and an emergency pass


Urgent Passport:

  • Look for the Health application
  • In the lower right corner, select the "Emergency pass" tab
  • Fill out the data, specify the emergency contacts, and select "Show in lock state".

Emergency Call Unlocked:

  • In the "Settings" menu, look for "Emergency SOS" and activate "Call with page key".
  • Call it urgently: five times Press the OFF button.

Huawei (around P30 Pro)

Urgent Passport:

  • In the settings under "Security and Privacy", select the "Emergency SOS" menu item.
  • Click "Emergency Information" and fill in the information. Add emergency contacts.

Emergency Call Unlocked:

  • No adjustments are required.
  • Call it urgently: five times Press the OFF button.

Samsung (or Galaxy S10)

Urgent Passport:

  • In contacts, select your own contact at the top.
  • Look for the "Emergency Information in Medicine" section at the bottom.
  • Enter medical data and emergency contacts here.

Emergency Call Unlocked:

  • In the "Expanded Functions" setting, on "Send SOS Message".
  • Enter the contacts and select whether you want to attach the camera photos and sound clip immediately.
  • Send SOS Messages in Emergency: Press the On / Off button three times.

Other Android phones

  • It can be different with each phone and every version.
  • It's best to look under the "SOS", "Emergency" or "Emergency Call" settings.