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Sound massage

Sound massage with singing bowls
"If you want to understand the universe, think in categories like energy, frequency and vibration!"
We all want to be able to calmly face the everyday challenges of private and professional life. Singing bowls can be a precious companion that gives us a little rest from everyday life and thus contributes to the strengthening of physical, mental and spiritual health. Just relax in AloeSpi, do nothing, just enjoy it – you can do it very well with the sound massage. In this way, the therapeutic singing bowls of Peter Hessa are placed on and around the dressed body and applied gently. Harmonic sounds soothe the mind, gentle sound vibrations flow through the body and release tension. Sounds cause a sense of trust, confidence and trust.
Intense sound frequencies are transmitted to the body, and their vibrations cause cell massage. The client will experience deep and lasting relaxation, free breaks and tension, and strengthen the power of self-healing.
Even in children, sound massage brings peace and relaxation to the everyday life of children.
Regular sound massage helps to better deal with stress and to feel comfortable in the body. Sound massage also has a positive effect on many diseases, eg for burning, depression, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, ADHD and menstrual cramps.
Take time and spend the most beautiful minute of sound in our wellness center at AloeSpi.
Price: 60 min – 69,00 € whole body
90 min – 98,00 € whole body
Whether you are alone, a couple or friends with up to 3 people, you are completely alone and you can enjoy the peace in a private atmosphere 1 hour.
Registered 3 people can enjoy the spa area until all the massages are completed.
If needed, we will provide you a bathrobe and a sauna towel with no extra charge.

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