That's why men dare to go to health care 2

That's why men dare to go to health care

The conversation in the Old Town of Hattingen tells about male health. Speakers explain why men are reluctant to take precautions.

The Indian does not know the pain. Today we have to forgive this fact, Dr. Susanne Mühlhoff of the Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine of St. Elisabeth in Niederwenigern.

The topic of depression is also a topic of conversation in the old town

As for mental illness, he says on Altstadtgespräch on male health: "It is always said that men have to work and that feelings are a woman's thing, but that is not the case and there is a change of mind."

The senior physician, in connection with this, refers to the death of former German goalkeeper Robert Enke, who took over his own life in November 2009. "This case has liberated a lot. After that, there was no taboo on depression," says Mühlhoff.

Many men do not come out of fear for being cautious

There are some signs of warning that people should contact a doctor. If you suffer from sleep disorders, do not want to go out or do not feel like doing the things you once did, you should act. "People who are affected should not go to the doctor first, if it is too late," Mühlhoff said. "If family members say something is wrong with someone, you should understand it seriously."

The public also asks why so few people take precautions. In her eyes, according to Mühlhoff, this can be explained by a certain thief and fear: "Most people think that nothing happens to me anyway."

There comes prof. Burkhardt Ubrig.

Age makes you sensitive to uroloan tumors

He is the chief physician at the Augusta hospital urology department in Bochum / Hattingen. "Men prefer to drive a car to a workshop, but to go to the doctor." But many also come with the fear that something will be diagnosed during the examination, says Ubrig. But young men, unlike 20 or 30 years ago, should no longer be surprised at today's society to go to a doctor with such a diagnosis.

It explains that advancing years makes men more sensitive to urinary bladder, testicular, kidney and prostate cancer. A quarter of the cancer would be in the Urology area, revealing Ubrig. At the same time, however, he encourages those affected: "Most urology can be cured."

There is no patent drug for preventing prostate cancer

The listener asks if a man can do something special to prevent prostate cancer. Answer: "There's nothing you can do. Even pumpkin flour does not help – as it is often argued – against the creation of cancer cells."

It is best if you take a healthy life, knowingly fed and well moved, consume alcohol in moderate amounts and quit smoking.