The hot wave has come to the fun: FDP gives 8,000 sunbathing tubes 2

The hot wave has come to the fun: FDP gives 8,000 sunbathing tubes

"How Would You Not Become Red": Under this motto, the free spirit distributes an outdoor sunblock. Gallen and more than 20 cities. Action is an attack on SP. With "heat donation" FDP simultaneously solves high temperatures. The other parties have devised something.

Othmar von Matt

With sun protection against heat - and against SP. (Photo: zvg)

With sun protection against heat – and against SP. (Photo: zvg)

From today, FDP is "on tour" all over Switzerland. Freisinn distributes 8,000 sun protection tubes at Open Air St. Gallen in about twenty Swiss cities to Saturday. The party believes it is very suitable for "giving heat" that temperatures in Switzerland to Saturday are still well above 30 degrees.

But action has a political touch. It takes place under the motto "not to become red". "The action is naturally directed against the SP," FDP spokesman Martin Stucki says. "This was accompanied by a significant criticism of the SP idea in the area of ​​readiness, flexible working time (digitization) and climate policy."

Much humor, but also great problems

SP I was recording an attack with a smile. Social Democratic circles already hear the saying that the SP can not offer a sunscreen that becomes blue. Blue like FDP. "We understand that with humor," spokesman SP Nicolas Haesler says. Sunburn is a funny idea.

That's not all people see. Lorena, a woman "somewhere between socialism, black wine, feminism" writes on Twitter: "Do not blush on the FDP, but brown." Honestly, at least think of their bad jokes. "The estimation that Fabian Molina National Council has allegedly shared, as its retweet shows.

Sustainable "lover of heat" of the Green

"Share" Fans of the Green. (Photo: zvg)

But other parties have gifts that absorb the heat wave. Green, for example, rely on a very special "heat-divided" – "alternative, environmentally friendly air conditioning system: fan," says Green spokeswoman Natalina Töndury. The Green City of Zurich has already distributed fans to the strike of women women and men present. They have ordered a thousand pieces, "from socially and ecologically sustainable production, as they understand," says Töndury. Green Rule President Rytz will also use the topics for his state election campaign.

CVP dextrose for more energy

CVP-glucose. (Photo: zvg)

CVP-glucose. (Photo: zvg)

CVP, in turn, relies on glucose. Energy donors will be distributed as CVP representatives who will collect signatures for their initiative "For lower rewards – health restrictions" or during the campaign. "Sugar beets help in the heat," says spokeswoman CVP Vera Tschan. CVP was the first party to make applause with a refreshing "giving": "Showering with Doris". In 1999, Reto Nause, then party secretary of the CVP Aargau, released thousands of bags with showering equipment. Helping in the campaign of the then 36-year-old Doris Leuthard, who has participated in Aargau Freiamt and as a councilor and as a national advisor.

SVP-Sunnah. (Picture: Screen shot)

SVP-Sunnah. (Picture: Screen shot)

No need for "heat dissipation" has SVP. Because she has been there for years. "We have a sun, says spokeswoman Andrea Sommer." We have a Sünneli climb in the logo and we are happy for the sun. "The SVP spokesman's e-mail address has a special note about the hot wave: sommer @ svp It sounds almost like a tail.

GDP: Better fight against climate change

GLP, SP and GDP do not have real "heat donations". President of the GDP Martin Landolt is even proud of it. "We would rather contribute to political solutions," he says, "but not symptoms, but causes: climate change."