The National Council favors pesticides for our health 2

The National Council favors pesticides for our health


The Initiative Committee of the Independent National Initiative "For Switzerland Without Synthetic Pesticides" considers the decision of the National Council to be short-sighted and misleading. Rather than declaring in favor of withdrawing from the pesticide industry, he calls for a non-binding action plan and agricultural policy that has not yet been decided in 2022.

region Protecting human health from pesticide hazards is hidden. The last word, however, is the voters in the spring of 2020.

The National Council voted against 131 votes against, 54 against and 7 abstentions against the popular initiative "For Switzerland without synthetic pesticides" and with 111 votes against, 78 for and 4 abstained against an indirect counter-argument.

On several occasions he missed opportunities to set up effective measures against the binding of synthetic pesticides.

The National Council made its decision based on the message of the Federal Council which is short, incomplete and sometimes misleading. The Federal Council did not deal with health issues in a well-founded manner, although voters were very interested in them and thus offended voters.

Despite the growing public pressure, most National Councils are now opposed to increasing the population's protection against pesticides. Although healthy nutrition without toxins is not a radical demand but a fundamental right, the initiators explain.

The Council for Economic Affairs and Taxation of the Council of State (WAK-S) is now addressing this initiative. The Initiative Committee urges the Commission to finally address the concerns of the population, and in particular to examine in detail health and environmental issues. It would be irresponsible that state politics leave important issues unchecked and turn voters into vague promises.

The last word will be put to the vote. The Initiative Board will use its #LebenstattGift campaign to inform the public broadly and convince them to accept the initiative.