There are too few doctors in Coburg 2

There are too few doctors in Coburg

Coburg – In December 2014, the city and district decided to develop the "Health Zone Plus". The Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety will support the project by the end of the year. The healthcare region is currently active in two areas. On the one hand it is about regional health care, "promotion of health and prevention" is another topic.

Many old doctors

As for the degree of care in primary health care, there is no reason to complain at this health area of ​​Coburg at a glance. According to the District Medical Association, the level of care in Coburg and the state is 103.2 percent. But that was not the reason for insurance, as Constanze Scheibl pointed out from the healthcare office. After all, a good third of registered general practitioners are older than 60. Furthermore, the general practitioner's interest has changed significantly. Unique practice with 24 hour service would be all rare. Many doctors would like to work in group practices or as employees. Angela Platsch Town Hall (Alliance 90 / Green) was excited about Scheibl's numbers: "That does not fit!" Quota was prudent, admitted Mayor Thomas Nowak at the Social Senate meeting. Many Senate members shared the feeling that the region was inadequate. After all, there is a long wait for experts.

The Social Senate was a more enjoyable report on the collection and delivery of readiness training at the Coburg Clinic. If you do not know how to get there, you can get a taxi. So the way to the doctor at the call costs five euros. As announced by Constanze Scheibl, this ride was used about 40 times last year. Deficit is borne by the company.

Those in charge of the health sector are hoping that state aid will continue after 2019. It is also important to continue the image campaign to encourage young medical talent for a branch in the Coburg region.

6200 visitors

City Hall Johanna Thomack reported on activities at the Mehrgenerationenhaus der Arbeiterwohlfahrt ("Treff am Bürglaßschlösschen"). "The concept worked," she was delighted. The service lasted more than 6,200 visitors last year. The auxiliary circuit recorded 6839 missions. Monthly Repaircafe enjoys great popularity. Nearly every day the handset was used in 2018 over 6000 times. It is a new "free shelf" that initiated the food sharing initiative. "The multigenerational house is a catalyst for new needs in the social landscape," Thomack said. A new goal is to oppose loneliness. This does not only affect older generations.

Peter Tretau, a Coburg disability representative, complained in his report that new premises at the cargo yard, above all the Globetheater, could be removed from the city bus traffic. Other topics included the lack of disabled toilets at Goldbergsee and the difficult access to the toilets in the garages. The sufferer also hoped that the technical hearing aids for hearing impaired people would be installed in the new Globetheater. mako