This nutritional error is the most common reason for JoJo effect 2

This nutritional error is the most common reason for JoJo effect

Low Carb, Paleo or Weight Watchers: Approximately 70 percent of Germans have started their diets in life. However, most of them did not maintain weight loss treatment or after having had the JoJo effect.

Nutrition is more important than ever: More than half of all adults in Germany are overweight, as reported by the Federal Bureau of Statistics in Wiesbaden. Thus, 53 percent of people older than 18 in 2017 had a BMI (body mass index) of at least 25.

The fact is: Without a fundamental change in diet and living habits, body weight quickly returns to the starting point after the baby. If the weight increases even more, it is called the JoJo effect.

Especially after the collision of the diet just before the summer holidays, the pointer moves rapidly upwards. As soon as you return from a vacation at the Finches on Ibiza, swing more than before. Frustration is expanding. So how can you effectively prevent JoJo effect?

It's a nutritional mistake that causes yo-yo effect

It's easy. The most common reason for JoJo's effect is that nutritional error: Most people eat too little during their diet. When motivation and frustration are high, the diet is radically reduced to 1,000 kilos daily. There is no candy, no carbohydrates, no fat: not only is it such a scarce diet to be difficult to sustain, it damages your metabolism, your muscles, and the balance of nutrients.

Problem: If you start a diet with exceptionally low calorie levels day after day, your body will face hunger. He works low in flames and stores all available calories as a reserve. As soon as you eat normal again, the body continues bunker energy to prepare for "bad times". A vicious circle is developing: starvation, weight loss, normal nutrition, enlargement, starvation …

"For a change in eating habits it takes an average of 28 days.JoJo effect is set when, after a successful reduction, it returns to old patterns of behavior, such as an evening lunch in a chip sack.This can be prevented if someone writes his success during acceptance – instead of chips, for example. Herbal sticks mingle – consolidating these new patterns of behavior, "explains nutritionist Daniela Laubinger (" Natural Weight Loss Company ") from Hamburg.

Jojo Effect: This is how you can avoid nutritional deficiencies

Therefore, healthy nutrition does not promise any crazy weight loss of ten pounds in two weeks, but at most one to two pounds a week. You should eat about 1500 calories a day so that the body gets enough energy, the basal metabolism rate stays stable and the endogenous protein does not break down. Rule: If you want to lose weight, reduce your daily energy intake by about 500 calories per day.

So, nutrition is completely meaningless. Much healthier and more effective: permanently change your diet, treat yourself from time to time "Day of cheating" and integrate more exercises into your everyday life. So JoJo's effect is small!