What's in the Clinical Bag for Birth? "I did not care how I looked, I just wanted to ... 2

What's in the Clinical Bag for Birth? "I did not care how I looked, I just wanted to …

Inès is here! And congratulations to happy parents, photographer Steven Pan and Violette, global director of beauty Estée Lauder. The original Frenchman tells Vogue about the exciting birthday preparations and her clinical case in which she packed very personal things. So she cried too much at birth, but she could also "create a little atmosphere for us" at the clinic. How did she succeed, she says here.

1. Even before hospitalization

My wish was to make everything perfectly prepared at home. I polished again to the shine – kindergarten, everything. Incredible, but what is said about the birth phase is true! For example, I also read the book "First 40 Days" and advice on how mothers heal after birth. So there was this chef's mistake, where I cooked for days and continuously, all marked and placed in a freezer – massive soup and soup. But after we got home, I managed to feed him, which allowed me to recover. My most important advice is cooking and freezing the ton of things you feel so you do not have to worry about nesting during nesting.

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Clinic Pocket Birth Violette of Estee Lauder

2. My selfcare routine for preparation

Ever since I started the birth, I knew when I was going to the hospital. I drank, washed and dried my hair and then performed a complete skin care ritual, including a mask. I did not care how I looked, I just wanted to feel good, and so was it.

In the hospital, I also brought a spray of thermal water from Avène, which had a calming effect and helped me cool. Also my "Advanced Night Repair Serum" by Estée Lauder because I wanted something that quickly and immediately moistened my skin. I also brought a French pharmacy cream from Uriage, which is also hydrated.

3. A birth bag for babies

I packed the bag pretty much in the last hour. My friends are gone mad! I was extremely active during pregnancy and I had a lot of training, so everybody thought I'd be born early. Finally, the bag for the clinic was ready two weeks before the deadline.

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4. Refreshments

Shower gel and body cream were included, but I did not use them in the hospital. Instead, it turned out that wet wipes were a real refreshing help. Before we go home, I'm running my hair and I wash my hair.

5. Good idea for a hairstyle

I had an exhaust before I was born – and I'm so glad I did! The hair was fine. I just had to clean up a few times and not worry about it.

6. Makeup?

Estée Lauder's mask was "Pure Color Envy Lash Waterproof Multi Effects" because I was crying too and "Double Wear InstantFix" Estée Lauder, which was also perfect because it was waterproof. I applied a little bit of blush, so I look better and feel more careful!

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What's in the Clinical Bag for Birth? "I did not care how I looked, I just wanted to ... 3

7. Other things that should be there

Himalayan sola lamp I found on Amazon – a small version on the move. I had to stay focused and I did not really want to know whether it was day or night. This light was calming and calm while all the other lights in the room were turned off. Add a portable diffuser with essential oils and a classical music playback loudspeaker. Nurses commented that this was like a spa! It was nice to create this little atmosphere for us.

8. The best advice you have for birth now

Take time ahead to make your hair professionally shaped! This is really a difference and one thing is less of a concern. And prepare everything – it will also help you mentally that you do not have to worry. I made sure everything was ready for my job – and our house was completely ready for us: the kindergarten was ready, I had diapers in every room in the house so we could wrap them all over. All these little things make a difference when you come home.

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What's in the Clinical Bag for Birth? "I did not care how I looked, I just wanted to ... 4

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Also at the clinic:

  • Wide pajamas and underwear
  • Who freezes, heats the socks for the delivery room
  • Many spritzers for strengthening
  • dressing gown
  • slippers

For official notes: personal card, insurance card, mother card and birth certificate or family book.

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