ZDF does not appear with a Swiss singer because of short hair styles 2

ZDF does not appear with a Swiss singer because of short hair styles

Geraldine Olivier wanted to introduce her new CD in the garden of ZDF Television. The station dropped the singer – allegedly because of the short hairstyle he has been wearing for several months.

Geraldine Olivier (52) wanted to play with a new album in ZDF TV Garden. As the Swiss pop singer claims, she was denied the show's performance – because of her hairstyle. Facebook says on Tuesday: "I'm not on TV . Why? Because the music editor does not like my short hairstyle. Where is this? And … he could not hear a good track on my new CD. I wonder if you really heard my CD or if you do not like women with short hair. "

"It will never be there until this lady is sitting there"

The musician, who won first place at the 1995 Grand Prix of Folklore Music with the title "Take Off again," continues: "Do not all the radio editors in Germany taste or is it because of my short hairstyles? (…) Since I'm still planning to wear a short hairstyle, I'll probably never play again in this show as long as this lady is sitting there. look … There artists at least sing their new hits (with long and short hairstyles).

"Mrs. Olivier loved me with a long hair"

Specifically, the editor's statement was in the words of the singer: "Mrs. Olivier liked me with long hair, the Kurzhaarfrisur I do not like." sit. She addressed the director and program director of ZDF because of her "hairy rejection" in open script.

It describes how she has been canceled by Fernsehgarten's editorial office. "Of course, my job is not to evaluate the freedom of the press and, with that, the editorial decision about my artistic work, but the refusal to justify my visual changes is an unacceptable decision for me," Olivier writes. Editors do not have the right to make a decision based on the new hairstyle exclusively from the subjective feeling. It was also "far from being perceived as repulsive or suggestive," so it would no longer be fair for a family program.

"Such a response seems to be so stunned"

Olivier further says that he is not seen as the center of the world, but that the statement "closes a lot" and that the criteria for selecting editorials are "memorable". "A fee-paying publisher should here be allowed to apply more objective criteria," the singer writes. He often collaborated with ZDF in his 25-year career. "But such a response makes me astonished," says Olivier.

Géraldine Olivier greeted her with long hair in late 2018. "At first I was sad when my long hair was cut off," she said. "But then I felt indescribably easier, as if all the negative energy had evaporated over the last few years of my life," Freiburg said at that time about his type change in LOOK.

Commenting on BLICK, spokesperson of ZDF TV Garden Stefan Unglaube said: "Redacting for each Sunday compiles a diverse and varied music program. It is based on current music trends and includes different musical colors. Unfortunately, a large number of queries do not allow us to respond positively to every request of the artist. Of course, visual criteria do not play a role in the editor's choice of artists. "(When)