5 types: The right sunscreen for your skin type 2

5 types: The right sunscreen for your skin type

Temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius lead us to sweating, take us to the pool and to the strong sunlight. If the beams break through the cloud cover, the sunscreen can not be missed. The UV-Protected Cream is a true anti-aging booster and is essential in every cosmetic bag. To find the right product for your skin type, especially for your face, we have created a sun care guide for dry, sensitive and oily skin.

1. Dry skin

Dry dew often occurs through scaly, rough or dripping areas. The skin is fragile, tense or itchy. In this type of skin it is important to work with sun protection, which not only provides protection but gives the skin enough moisture. Soft melting fluids are best suited.

2. Oily skin

If your pores absorb a lot of sebum, your tissues are harder to breakdowns or acne, you need to leave your fingers in the fat solar products. Proper skin and sun protection are products without compromise. These ingredients stimulate the formation of impurities. The list of comedogenic ingredients is long. They are guided by silicones, polyethylene glycol, fatty alcohol, paraffin and petroleum jelly. Herbal products such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, olive oil & Co. also contain comedogenic ingredients. Use light, sunless beams, fluids, or gels with a long lasting matte effect.

3. Sensitive skin

Do you know that? Allergic reactions, redness, skin irritation and flushing stains are typical of yours. Sensitive skin is super sensitive to environmental influences, lifestyle changes and nutrition. When exposed to sunlight, this skin type has a tendency to warm up. Here is the true sun protection A and O. Sunscreen creams without perfume and formula for soothing care such as aloe vera or panthenol are well suited. In addition, a special sunscreen is needed for Mallorca and allergies to the sun. Tip: The products must not contain emulsifiers.

4. Combined skin

Combined skin combines all the problems: greasy T-zone, impurities, dry spots and large pores. Light textures are therefore of particular importance. Choose sunscreen products without silicone, parabens and comedogenic ingredients. It should be maturing, regulating sebum and anti-inflammatory.

5. Mature skin

Mature skin needs much care and proper protection from the sun. Sun rays encourage premature skin aging and cause pigmented stains. To counteract these processes, it is best to get rid of lotions with anti-aging complexes: hyaluronic acid and vitamin C work miracles. And do not forget about the humidity! The skin should be hydrated during the day. To avoid wrinkle dryness.