Appetizing makeup - learn to apply the makeup properly 2

Appetizing makeup – learn to apply the makeup properly

Especially for the newcomer, it is not trivial, it is supposed to be skillfully supplemented. Actually, some factors play an important role. Makeup season trends leave yours skin work. Set specific accents in selected colors. Do these subtleties Make Up necessary for many women and very irritated by those who have not yet made up for it. This is a summary of this compensate for beginners and an overview that will help you just start.

Which ones do you have? Dark or light?

Before you start with makeup, you first need to face yours. Depending on the type of skin and color, the make-up result looks different. Pale yellow women prefer natural colors. Prajmer after the disappearance of the cream in your own skin color is definitely needed before the actual makeup. But who wants to set accents, he may like to use earthy tones in the eye shadow and lipstick. From light brown to Bordeaux everything looks very chic. Especially modern matt and non-glossy colors. Especially women with leather outfits and acne It is recommended to apply a matte color.

Do you like more natural or recognizable?

For this question, it depends on what an occasion to serve. For everyday needs is a discreet makeup that does not seem to look like you have it himself applied. To emphasize your eyes, there is a full volume effect mask. The upper eyelashes should be wiped from the door upwards. The mask should then be held horizontally in order to emphasize the expression of the eye. Then the lower eyelashes are off. Ink should be kept vertically here.

Of course

Whether it's office or outing, too much lashes up and down, as if they are false, are especially popular with many women. Do you go to school? Nature should be in the foreground here. To get a little bit of color in your face, the shade of powdered lipstick is enough for light or orange for dark skin. Less is often more here.


Exit may be a bit more pronounced. above all Smokey Eyes In the evening, celebrate a good selection, because the amazing looks with fairy-tale looks are among the current trends.

And so it consists of: Surround around the black coat. Make sure the color is set between the hairline on the eyelash line. Then the upper lid should be painted to the cap on the kohl pencil. For soft effect Smokey Eyes you must now brush the hard brush edges with the brush or the integrated applicator of the kohl pencil sponge. The view becomes particularly intense, even if the inner lower lid is red. Finally strongly paste the eyelashes with a mascara.

Make Up around the eyes

The makeup wants to be learned. A special area around the eyes is often very difficult. The range of makeup is very large, so everyone can find the right accessories for your type. The Internet offers a lot of help, which deals with the topic "How do I fix it?". With the right instructions, the face shines in a new, fresh beauty.

How do I fix it with the cork

The basic makeup is not just lipstick but also kohl. In addition, the eyes can effectively make-up. Available in thinner and thicker versions. To be effective, he should always be well-targeted. Before applying to the lid, this should be well washed in powder, otherwise the kohl may overwrite too quickly. In particular, people with a little bit of makeup experience benefit from the simplicity of using this gadget. With regard to color choices, the popular tones of brown and black are particularly popular.

The points you should remember

  • Brown and black colors can be worn properly or combined with a light eye shadow.
  • If you have a very bright skin, you should use dark brown or brown because black is too intense to intensify.
  • For more intense color effects, give the colored or white Kajale, which should not be worn with a colorful eye shadow.
  • For fun, gold and silver colors can make your eyes look great.
  • If you want to use a colored eye shower, you should choose color by eye color or clothing.
  • For brown eyes, dark green kohl can be very seductive.
  • It should always be borne in mind that the dark lines of the lids give depth to the eye, and the dyed color emphasizes the color of the eyes.

So your eyes are bigger with Make Up

Many women world, wanting to make their eyes so they look visually bigger. With the right makeup it is possible. The trick is as follows:

With kohl in pink or beige, draw a line of water. Inner eye angles are cleansed with a light eye shadow. After that, the eyelashes are strongly obliterated, so they appear long and sweeping. Another emphasis was placed under the bow of the eyebrow. It is important not to make up for the entire cap, but it only gives the bone a little lighter color. Then the rest of the eye can be followed in the desired color. If you want to use black coil, apply half the sole to the upper lid. Fully framed around looks smaller and less optical, so that the opposite effect is achieved.