At least until Monday: bus trips to Göttingen have been canceled 2

At least until Monday: bus trips to Göttingen have been canceled

Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe (Govb) have to fight again: around 50 bus drivers of 250 or more GöVB drivers are currently ill and public transport is suffering.

On Saturdays and Mondays more than 100 rides per day are lost. The spokeswoman GöVB said in a statement Stephanie Gallinat-Mecke "16 service required for a working day" that can not be distributed. Almost eight hours of working time result in a service that does not have 128 hours of working time Govb therefore today. "Every business day there are about 150 services that affect different routes per driver" Gallinat-Mecke opposite Tageblattu.

The beginning of the year he had Govb similar problem, 47 drivers were sick at the same time, most had a flu. Reason to re-high sick leave look Gallinat-Mecke among other things in the construction sites in and around Göttingenwhich put their drivers under stress. "We still have many long-lasting patients, adding stress, time to connect, despite building sites and closures," said spokeswoman. "Those who worked a lot on overtime when many colleagues in the winter were sick did not have time for reconstruction. This could also contribute to many cases of illness.

Complex and fragile interaction

It is "mass and duration" on construction sites that Govb are currently causing problems and confusing the complex and fragile interaction of the network line, the time-limited travel and connection times, and the working hours of the driver. With parallel construction sites in Robert Koch-Straße, Hannoversche Straße, Kasseler Landstraße and Nikolaistraße on the important main route of the affected buses, says Gallinat-Mecke, In addition, fewer streets such as Pfalz-Grona-Breite or the next week of construction in Elliehausen.

Vote at the beginning of the year

At the beginning of the year, there are always talks with all executive bodies and city administration about the upcoming main road construction measures, in which Govb involved, he explains Gallinat-MeckeBut it is not uncommon for the planned measures to be postponed. So the original plans are outdated.

Gallinat-Mecke calls on all parties involved to better coordinate road construction in the future and hope for understanding among passengers.

Travelers are advised by GöVB spokesperson before driving to Company website Govb about possible losses notify. The Facebook page also contains the latest information. They also exist directly at the GöVB user center, Street Groner 40 or call 0551/38444444.

Statement by the city administration

Cordula Dankert, Spokesperson of the city administration shares GöVB's opinion: Road construction sites are "specially for buses and trucks and for emergency services and fire department"Challenge.

"In order to keep the burden as bearable as possible, measures are aligned in time and, for example, the work of the board of directors, waste management companies in Göttingen and public utilities have been linked to the construction project, so that part of the route is affected only once." Govb, he explained Dankert.

Dankert points out that the construction measures have ultimately served the welfare of the population, since it is necessary to set up "adequately dimensioned electrical and telecommunications lines, provide supply and supply of wastewaters or, for example, enable remote heating, particularly environmentally acceptable."

Even in the background, "load on the arteries later." Göttingen not to further aggravate "the delayed work, such as reconstruction works at the intersections of Kasseler and Groner Landstraße, Königsallee and Hannoversche Straße.

20 new trainees and always looking for candidates

Govb have already cooperated with Employment Agency 20 trainees engaged to generate a new generation, and new permanent employees were in the pool. The company is still looking for candidates – and trying to keep track of the workers. "We work with health insurance and healthcare to teach stress-less methods and help drivers to cope with mental stress."

losses in the bus network

Today's Fridays and Next Days should be held by student and suburban traffic, on some lines more and more precipitate: Lines 33 and 50 are apparently limited in the way, with line 33 remaining travel, students from Holtenser Berg / Holtensen to New IGS and return are mostly there.

Line 50 runs on Friday, June 28, only between 13 and 17. For passengers wishing to come by bus 50 in the direction of Rohns, it is possible to reach the 80 "Jugendherberge" line and enter it. Taxi take. Taxi can be ordered with the driver when entering the 80-line. A taxi account can be submitted later at the address Govb be submitted.

It is anticipated that the shuttle bus line 41/42 between the hospital and Sprangerweg will be canceled on Saturday, 29 June, until approximately 10 am, liner cars will be driven to the end of the line.

Gallinat-Mecke On Friday he also estimated that later than Monday precipitate will come.

The next is true for next days losses:

· Friday, June 28th

· Saturday, June 29th

· Monday, July 1st

from Lea Lang and Michael Brakemeier