Ayurvedic type Kapha: You will survive the summer heat 2

Ayurvedic type Kapha: You will survive the summer heat

Like Kapha-tip, the summer heat will give you a lot of work. So you'd rather relax in the hangout network than arrange a meeting with your friends for the next outdoor adventure. With these tips on nutrition, sports, travel and beauty – tailored to your ayurvedic Doshi – you will surely go!

Ayurvedic type Kapha: You will survive the summer heat


The Ayurvedic doctrine assumes that all of us have an ideal and natural basic state. Due to external influences such as stress or poor diet it comes from balance. With proper diet adjusted to your dose, you can suppress it. Due to slow and lethargic digestion, it is important that people with Kapha constitution thoroughly detoxify again and again. This is achieved, for example, by taking clay and spraying hot herbal teas. In addition, for the Kapha type, regular post office phases are recommended. In ayurveda it means to stop food intake of 13 hours. Plan this time between dinners and breakfasts so the hose can regenerate overnight. The morning cleaning process supports turmeric milk. Mix a teaspoon of currants with half a tablespoon of ground garnish, some with cardamom and cinnamon and a pinch of pepper. Mix the spicy mixture with warm herb milk (oatmeal or almond milk). This "golden milk" stimulates metabolism, restrains appetite and strengthens the body's defense. Pay attention to your weight for the lowest possible carbohydrate intake. In the hot months, regional fruits such as pears and berries, with high antioxidant content, additionally protect the cells from sun damage and free radicals.


Kapha Dosha is incredibly important in our fast-paced world. It basically supports us with relaxation. But this ability sometimes fits the way to Kaphas. He could call it a sports muff. There is only a little motivation to excite them for exercise. Team sports such as beach volleyball are ideal. After all, you would never let anyone – so choose between a quiet night at the balcony or an active volleyball match with your friends. Once you are there, you will surely last longer than your teammates. Because as a Kapha guy you are very persistent. That's why they are hiking, long-distance running or strength training among the favorite disciplines. Unlike other arrivals, the guys from Kaphe want to leave for at least an hour, and in the summer it is also sweating strongly. It stimulates relatively heavy metabolism and helps maintain weight.


The characteristic skin of Kapha is firm, shiny and healthy. However, due to the large pore structure, it may be prone to excessive sebum production with numerous blackheads, especially in the summer. The steam bath in the evening (eg Dr. Hauschka) opens the pores and makes them ready for easy cleaning. For calm, apply a mask with aloe vera and coat. Against retaining water in the legs and feet, which Kapha is particularly keen in hot weather, helps refreshing nail spray with pepper and horse chestnut, Mr. B. by Susanne Kaufmann. If you want to brighten your skin, you should have absorbing paper during the summer. Small "absorbing paper" absorbs excess sebum and mat. "Puffy Eyes" disappear with Jaderoller from the fridge. Cold stones frees swelling and acts as a gentle facial massage.

the trip

"Keep moving" could be the motto of Kaphe's personality. Because Kaphas are absolute scholars. They love good food, comfort and stability of everyday life. So you should take advantage of the holiday to get rid of common routines. So deliberately plan an active trip, Mr. B. in the spectacular mountain scenery of South Tyrol. Wellness, hiking and the "Naturhotel Lüsnerhof" are good advice. There is a lot of exercise here. For example, extensive hiking trails up to 1800 meters above sea level to the hotel hotel Mauerberg-Alm. There are also jogging courses, mountain biking and nordic walking. After an active day, the ultimate kitchen staff provides the finest regional culinary delights. There is also a pool with spring water and numerous saunas at the end for deep relaxation.