Beach, sand and sun cream: a rare insight into her childhood! 2

Beach, sand and sun cream: a rare insight into her childhood!

Eugenie Princess Yorka regularly shares private footage on Instagram. The photo now offers special enthusiasm to its fans.

In Instagram, Princess Eugenie of York (29) gives her fans a royal family insight into her private life, giving her great enthusiasm. Also, a new picture of beautiful princesses is well-received by her followers, as it is a picture of a sweet holiday of childhood sugar.

Talking about the tape: The photo we show you in a video belongs to the Queen's desk!

Shed like teenies! This photo is on the Queen's table

Pictures / PA pictures; Instagram / princess Eugenie;

In a blue swimsuit with a cap of the same color, a small Eugenie sits on the beach and plays with a cane and a shovel in the sand. Cute laughs in the camera. But even more wonderful is another detail: Eugene's face and her upper body are completely covered with a sunscreen and is therefore completely white!

"You are the sweetest"

Eugenie takes a humor and writes to the post office: "As the summer approaches, a brief glimpse of the time I rubbed my sunburn very well." "You've stolen all our hearts" or "You're the sweetest" comment some of the fans.

Others can not resist a little joke and write with the wink: "That's why you have so nice, "or," I think you can never use too much sunscreen. "

Eugenie again and again offers such private insights for joy to their fans. Recently, the 29-year-old released an emotional and very intimate film on the occasion of the Father's Day in England (June 16), where he was seen together with his father, Prince Andrew (59). This will just give a beautiful daughter on the day of their wedding embrace of love. The 59-year-old clearly sees himself as proud of Eugenie.

This intimate moment that shares a beautiful princess with her base is also delightfully received. Last but not least, beautiful brunette with your workplace proves to be very funny despite the labels and strict royal rulesand beautifully normal.


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