Bye Thomas, Boulder CO, intro video 2

Bye Thomas, Boulder CO, intro video

I am a self-taught and author of nutrition books, working with endurance athletes, especially in the world of Pro Cycling. I work regularly with the best cyclists in the world as they prepare or compete for major events, including Tour De France and the upcoming Olympics in 2012.

I am 42, born in Kerala India, growing racing bikes in CO started when I was 15 years old. At the same time, he began work in kitchens, making toast and washing dishes in a nursing home. I have a few lives along the way, including a long construction period while cooking for free to help athletes and teams … before there is money in it for me.

My food is based on the idea of ​​making the best food with very little time and resources. Fresh, colorful, healthy, nutritious and dense and always scented is a king! Sometimes these are whole foods, sometimes 7-11, but always the food should bring my athletes through the finish.

That's why I'm putting the butter on a cookie for RedBull athlete Tim Johnson at the top picture !!

Guy in red singing is Taylor Finney, Rising Star of American Cycling, holder of several world records and is currently preparing for two events in London.

Thank you !