Colors, scars, weakness 2

Colors, scars, weakness

Two women, one theme: Akkela Dienstbier (l.) And Christine Henke at the exhibition "Ruhe vor dem Sturm". Focus: aging.

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Bore, scars, weakness – it's all part of aging. But old age still involves much more, and are convinced photographer Christine Henke and visual artist Akkela Dienstbier.


Bremen – Christine Henke and Akkela Dienstbier have approached the subject of aging in a variety of ways – and have shown on Sunday, June 30 at the exhibition "Ruhe vor dem Sturm", which people older than 40 years think and feel about their age,

If you are asking people about age, the answers have in many cases been similar. This would include terms such as rollers, food on wheels, loneliness, and anti-aging agents. Aging is far more than that, as Henke and Dienstbier discovered during the work on the Ruhe vor dem Sturm project. The two of them worked on their pictures and photographs for more than a year – now they have a total of 38 in the Klinikum Ost (Züricher Straße 40) park. About friends, acquaintances and "oral lectures," said Akkela Dienstbier, the duo has come up with their models in the last couple of months, which could be shown in very intimate life situations. In focus: aging and what are the protagonists associated with it.

Dienstbier started his project with a questionnaire and approached the people. Among others, she asked, "What does the world need you for?" Or "What is a good life for you – a good time?" The artist used the responses to create his own works. For example, he printed photos on special slides, worked with natural materials, and put parts to take a picture. The result often shows "living life," far from the cliché that man must be perfect. "That's right, we're not perfect, nobody's perfect.

Christine Henke also wants to show her "beauty of aging" in her photographs, "not that stuffed," which often suggested the fashion industry and the great posters. This resulted in 19 black and white photographs. Everyone is naked – for Henke's "reduction to the essence".

In her studio she photographed people, only the base was used as a stand. During his work, he felt, above all, the "huge leap of faith", which greatly respected him. After all, do not let anyone drop the covers in front of the stranger. Both would feel that people are intensely involved in the topic – that is what they demand from society. "We need more respect and courage for the subject, which is important," says Henke. "It is about respect and respect."


The exhibition "Ruhe vor dem Sturm" was officially opened on Sunday, June 30 at 3 pm in the im Klinikum Ost (Züricher Straße 40) Gallery. The exhibition will be exhibited by October 6th. The gallery also offers reading on this subject and numerous guided tours with artists. More information and dates at