Day 24 of the University Day: The whole program is online

Participants can expect an international area of ​​major lecturers:
1. "Sports mega-events and public spaces: critical sociological perspective of key topics and issues" prof. Richard Giulianotti (University of Loughborough) (18/09, 12.00),
2. "Resolving apparent contradiction: People who are more aerobically trained and have better aerobic exercises and resistance training interventions have little or no use of executive functions," said prof. in British Columbia) (18 September, 15:35),
3. "Frictional Inner Work on the Go" prof. Alberta Enrico Minetti (University of Milan) (19.09., 11.00),
4. main lecture from sports medicine prof. Yannis Pitsiladis (University of Brighton) (9/19, 15:35),
5. this joint lecture of prof. Mage. Dr. Sylvia Titze (University of Graz) and prof. Dr. Honey. Petra Wagner (University of Leipzig) (20.09., 11.00).

There will also be an exciting panel discussion on "Future of Sports – Between Hospital Halls and the Olympic Games", led by Friedhard Teuffel, LSB Director Berlin and Journalist.

There will also be six working groups, two poster presentations, award ceremonies, two / DOSB Dialogue Forum (19 September) and a reunion of former students twelve (18.09., 17.30: "30 years ago: East and West German Sports science "meeting together – Alumni Meeting dvs University Day Berlin 2019").

For the first time, Dvs offers a program of continuous education for sports scientists at universities: "Learning Research". This workshop will organize a course on "research learning" at the transition from research and teaching. The aim is to illuminate research-based learning as an approach to didactic teaching and to gather prior experience and explore the technical possibilities and learning-based learning issues within the discussion and work tasks. Two relevant lectures were used here: "For Learning Learning in Sports Pedagogy – Modeling Experiments" (Michael Fritschen, BU Wuppertal) and "Study of Learning in Sport Sociology – Competence, Field Access, Examples" (Silvester Stahl, FH Potsdam).

A diverse program of support for the conference dinner at the Beach Center completes the scientific program.

Get a three-day ticket, including an early-June conference dinner that ends June 30th! For further information, please visit for registration and arrival

dvs Youth Talent Award 2019: Finals finalists have been announced
Within the 24th day of the University of Berlin, the Young Talent Award will be awarded the tenth time for the best contribution of young scientists. The Youth Talent Award is sponsored by the Friedrich Schleich Memorial Foundation and receives a total of 1,500 EUR. The memorial foundation Friedrich Schleich was founded in 2001 as a memorial of the entrepreneur and inventor of Friedrich Schleich, headquartered in Schwäbisch Gmünd.
Again, many scholars participated in the Twentieth Youth Teens Award: the jury had to evaluate 25 entries.
After a detailed review of the submissions, the following three submissions were selected for the final round:
• Daniel Leyhr (University of Tübingen), "Prognostic relevance of predictors of motor talents in youth football: longitudinal analysis using latent structural equations and multi-level models"
• Bernd Stetter (KIT), "Comparative Analysis of Modular Management Strategies for Different Locomotion Locations" and
• Oliver Seidel (University of Leipzig), "Intensive Dependent Changes in Cerebral Oxygenation during Ergometry Measured with fNIRS: Comparison between Experts and Non-Professionals".
These three selected candidates present their work at the University Day at a special event ("Final Round", September 19, 12 pm). After the presentation of the item follows the discussion. The ranking of the finalists will be determined on the basis of the grades submitted and their oral performances. The award ceremony will take place on the evening of 19 September.

All information about the youth talent awards can be found at

Postdoctoral Lectures at the University Day 2019
The "Post-Doc Lecture" dvs offers a forum for postdoctoral researchers (including younger professors, scientific assistants), enabling them to fully and comprehensively report on their research. 40 minutes for lectures (about 30 minutes of lecture and 10 minutes of talk). Parallel with this, there will be no rival events at a certain time.
Of the eight applications, the jury of the three selected winners. On Thursday (19 September, 14:00) in Berlin Dr. Ing. Lisa Katharina Maurer from the Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen University will discuss the topic "Prediction of Movement Defects: Neural Correlation, Relevance and Development in Motoring Learning". Similarly, Dr. Steffen Greve from Leuphana University will give a lecture on "And then I was Suddenly the only Normalo in the cabin – a Benefit-focused assessment of Inclusive Sports at the Club".

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