Dental restoration CEREC 2

Dental restoration CEREC

One-time tooth restoration at the Morrison Dental Group in Williamsburg, Virginia:

CEREC – economical restoration of aesthetic ceramics from Sirona allows the manufacture of all ceramic dental restorations in ONE VISIT. Most dental prosthesis methods require more than one dentist visit, spending your precious time.

The strong ceramic materials used in CEREC restore your teeth to their natural beauty, strength and function. CEREC's materials match the physical properties of the natural tooth closer to the metallic crowns. Also, the crowns are connected to your teeth, so the dentist can save as many healthy teeth as possible, providing you with a tooth restoration that strengthens the tooth.

Dentists in Morrison Dental Group are highly trained in the use of CEREC technology so they can deliver the best possible refunds. This system allows our dentists to control each step of preparing and building your crown without sending it to a dental laboratory.

Originally developed in 1980, the first patient was treated with CEREC in 1985. At the Morrison Dental Group we provide high-quality CEREC restorations since 2007 and have so far completed over 1000 CEREC crowns for our patients.