Federer is in perfect balance before Wimbledon 2

Federer is in perfect balance before Wimbledon

Roger Federer could meet Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals at Wimbledon. Basel's self-confidence is vast. Because it's better prepared for the tournament than last year.

Simon Haring

At age 38 he is still at the top: Roger Federer. (Picture: Peter Klaunzer / Keystone (Wimbledon, June 26, 2019))

At age 38 he is still at the top: Roger Federer. (Picture: Peter Klaunzer / Keystone (Wimbledon, June 26, 2019))

Roger Federer is one of those people who draw energy from every conversation, every encounter. "The people around me are inspirational, they helped me as a person, especially my wife Mirko and my parents, but all the friends I have," said recently Welt am Sonntag. These were his coaches, Severin Lüthi and Ivan Ljubicic, who were "as big brothers". He helped Federer, not just the tennis icon, but the entrepreneur, benefactor and father of four children, to stay young in the world where you fast and get older fast.

As glamorous and exciting as it seems, life in a rugged caravan is characterized by intense routines: the same cities, the same stadiums, the airports, the same hotels and the issues – they break away from the horizon of the camera or the hot air. Most of them are thrown away from this revolver right after their 30th birthday – the body forces them to do so, or other areas of life become more important – the desire for home, windsurf, their own family.

Federer, who celebrates his 38th birthday in August, is different. He has had a life he never dreamed of when he won the first of the 20 Grand Slam titles in Wimbledon in 2003 and decided to make the history of tennis. "I'm shocked and I find myself bit sad to have been over twenty years of my life on tour because I've been well," Federer says.

Federer became a father in 2009. Even he did not expect to play tennis ten years later; let alone be one of the best in the world. For many athletes, the birth of their own children means a career break. If they are on the offspring, suffering from separation, or if priorities are shifted, they miss the bit that best separates from the best. Federer pulled out the force. "It's nice that I had two lives on a tour – with no children and now with them. That keeps me young.

If the family can not cheer her up

Roger Federer, we must not forget, is one of the best athletes in the world. He can afford the luxury of perfect balance. Federer travels all over the world with his complete escort: spouse, children, parents, coach, physiotherapist, and professors. At Wimbledon, the chef cares about the welfare of Federer, who rent two homes in southwest London for nearly three weeks. The fact that Federer has been separated from the family for more than a week, as recently worked at French Open, is an exception rather than a rule.

As important as life balance is, it is so important on the tennis court as well. Last year he missed it. After skipping the sand season and practicing only two months between the end of March and the beginning of June, he missed the benchmark against the best. The tiny calendar of tournaments meant that in only half a year were only four times the first ten opponents hit. "There are two pairs of shoes to play and win," said the right balance between training, matches and holidays, "he said at the time. In the quarter-finals defeat of South African Kevin Anderson had Roger Federer in a 2-0 match that the ball could not take advantage of. Loss more hurt than he wanted to admit. Today, he says: "If there is a moment I was particularly disappointed in my career, that was it, and the loss of the match was a terrible scenario for me, and even my family had a problem at the time. bed and thought: It's hard.

Federer failed to reach his big goal. "Then you have to ask." The Basel Provider has learned his lessons. For the first time in four years he played the entire season of sand, he reached semi-finals in Paris. That's why he reduced the season to the lawn, winning the lead in Halle the tenth time. Although Rafael Nadal was settled in the same half of the table so that he could have reached the duel in the semi-finals. But more importantly, "I'm fine, well prepared and this time I travel to Wimbledon with great confidence." On and off the pitch: Roger Federer is in perfect balance.