"Functional training" for trainees is always good 2

"Functional training" for trainees is always good

Qualified coaches were supposed to meet the growing demand

According to the key figures of the German Fitness-Wirtschaft 2019, which is collected annually by the German Dental Health and Healthcare Employers' Association (DSSV), the Deloitte Consulting Company and the German Health and Safety Management Board (DHfPG), more than 11 million Germans train in one gym. More and more members are interested in the so-called. "Functional Training", which is the focus of athletic training. As one of the leading educational institutions in the area of ​​prevention, fitness and health, the BSA Academy offers the appropriate "athletic trainer" course for this target group.

Power, speed, endurance combined with motion coordination and sensomotor – these are basic skills for success in organized racing sports. Athletic abilities also play an important role in professions with high physical demands.
Maximum loads in the working environment and often in everyday life are usually triggered by lifting, pulling, pulling or pushing heavy loads, and in many cases are not properly compensated muscular. And here, athletic training can contribute to targeted performance improvement and injury prevention – is now more and more in fitness and healthcare systems, which can profitably exploit increased demand.

Now qualify for "athletic trainer"
Approved and approved state Athletics course allows participants to supervise athletes of different performance lessons with a view to targeting performance in sports. In addition, they are trained in customer preparation due to high physical stress in sports, work and everyday life. This enables them to develop individual training programs in athletic training, taking into account functional forms of training with and without aids.

With new training offerings in the field of athletic training, for example, Fitness and Health Institutes open up new customer groups. In addition, a convenient exercise area requires a little space in the studio.

Occasional qualification takes place in a special BSA distance learning system and compact phases of attending practical-oriented units. There are over 20 regional training centers available in Germany (across the country) and Austria.

Qualifications on the future market for prevention, fitness, sports and health

With more than 200,000 participants since 1983, the BSA Academy is one of the leading educational institutions on a promising prevention, fitness and health market. With more than 70 state-approved courses in the field of fitness / individual training, management, nutrition, health promotion, work health management, mental fitness / relaxation, fitness / group training, Sun, Beauty & Care and Baths work short time activity in the future of the market. Participants benefit from the BSA Academy Modular Course System. Entrance to the department is done with a basic qualification that can be extended by advanced courses to professional qualifications up to specialized qualifications "Fitnessfachwirt / in" or "Specialist in the prevention and promotion of health". These degrees are optimally prepared for specialist public examinations at the Industrial Chamber of Commerce (IHK) leading to professional qualifications at a master level. In cooperation with the IHK, two public-legal professional exams have been developed with the "Fitnessfachwirt IHK" (Industrial Chamber of Commerce) (1997) and the "Specialist in Prevention and Promotion of IHK Health" (2006). In 2010, the course for IHK certification "Health Management at Work (IHK)" was added.

State-approved Private German School of Prevention and Management of Health DHfPG now qualifies more than 8,000 students on the "art diploma" at the courses of fitness training, sports economics, fitness economics, nutrition counseling and health management, "Master of Arts" Health Prevention and Management and Master of Business Administration MBA Sports / Health Management. More than 4,300 companies rely on study programs offering a thematic guide to future prevention, fitness, sports and health. This makes the German University one of the largest private universities in Germany. All graduate and master's degrees at a state-recognized university are accredited and recognized by the state. The special study system of DHfPG combines training within the company and distance learning with the compact stages of attending the study centers set up throughout the country (Munich, Stuttgart, Saarbrücken, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Hamburg) as well as Vienna (Vienna ) and Switzerland (Zürich). , Students are supported by distance learning and e-campus of the university. Companies in the future market, in particular, benefit from a double bachelor's degree program because students can bring their acquired competences directly to the company's practice and assume greater responsibility for the progress of the study.

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