Get to know a doctor who has tried to make women stop working …

This is the basic rule of skin care we've all overlooked in one place or another – but we face that, it's a bit of a habit to pick your places and harder to break them.

Join Renee Rouleau, the famous celebrity guru of Texas who is dedicated to educating women about skin dangers – and she is not afraid to show gastric disruption and the permanent consequences she has on your own.

Earlier this year, Renee's surprise customer image showed that harvesting sites can cause serious color changes and long-lasting scars.

An anonymous 40-year-old woman began to knock the skin after her teenage teens suffered from acne – and struggled to abandon these habits later.

Speaking of Fabulous Digital, Renee said, "It can be difficult to break away from the skin, whether it is hands or some other type of skin growth.

"Some of the worst skin diseases I've ever seen are chronic beakers that cause scars and color change."

  • Dermatilomania is an obsessive-compulsive disorder in which the patients spell out the skin and cause nasty wounds
  • Those who are affected by struggling to control the need to control and choose from habit
  • They stretch, squeeze or squeeze the skin and stain
  • They use nails, but also pencils or tweezers
  • The result is bleeding and bruising that can cause infection and scarring
  • Skin removal triggers include anxiety and stress, boredom and existing skin condition such as acne or eczema

Source: NHS

Not surprisingly, most people become habits in their teenage years or early twenties.

"People are more likely to vote when they have something on their face," added Renee. "So, it's usually teenagers and teens in the twenties, because it's most likely that stains occur in those years."

And, as someone who has been fighting acne alone, Renee knows well how dependence – let alone satisfaction – may be picking your skin.

She added: "I understand why people do it because I have always grown up to their own shortcomings.

"Fortunately, I have my own harvest under control and can now properly teach others how to break this habit."

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Sometimes, when I run out of rooms, I find myself in the mirror in the bathroom, where I bring the puddles and stains to a completely different level, I think I'm pretty, I think I'm ugly every time I look

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But while we all know how addictive it can be to pick up in a hot spot, why are people coming back to picking up the skin?

Well, according to Renee, most people choose their skin because they believe it will be the case speed up healing process.

She added, "If you're looking for a mana, that's probably because you want it to disappear faster."

However, this has the opposite effect, because Renee warns that "if you refuse to heal yourself, the wounds will last longer" while the wound open becomes susceptible to infections.

In the long run, skin collectors remain with permanent scars that may never fade.

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The celebrity guru, which includes Demi Lovato and actress Miranda Cosgrove among her clients, warned: "Skin lesions can lead to long lasting scars that can last for months or even last."

But what starts out as a pretty common habit can get out of hand for some place sufferers – with a lot of obsessive poking on their skin due to anxiety and stress.

Renee said, "Some people just want their stain to go faster, and others can be overly fixed when they get the skin."

Just like biting your nails or sucking your thumb, skin replenishment can be "caused by anxiety" and for a painful "way to self-pacification".

Obsessive skin disease known as dematilomania is a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder that leaves stains on the severely ill.

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Compulsive #skinpicking (CSP), also known as #dermatillomania, does not prevent you from choosing on the skin. It is characterized by re-absorption of the skin to the extent that the damage is caused and can be done on any part of the body. That I remember I was picking up at the age of 16. At that time, it did not seem strange that every teenager had several jobs she was looking for. But only in my mid-twenties I realized that this was not the case. I would stand hours in front of the mirror and pick up my face. If there were no mirrors, I would choose hands, back, legs and chest. I would look for skin for small bumps or imperfections, and I'm justified in my mind that it will disappear if I choose it again and again. Instead, I've created more posts, bumps (I've obviously picked up over and over again) and then scars. When I'm doing it when I'm stressed, anxious, stupid or emotional, sometimes there is no reason and I'm in a similar trans where I'm completely lost on the skin. It's a little crazy to figure out how to do it, but that's something that's hard to explain. When I do this, I think that's good, relaxation, I suppose. I tried so many tricks to stop taking therapy, remove bulbs, remove mirrors, hold gloves, keep skin covered, write notes writing, "Your skin is beautiful, please do not do it. And I talked to my girlfriend about it and she she said, "But you are never anxious or depressed, you are always so positive." Maybe this is a part of the problem. I find it very embarrassing to be sad or angry, I always want to feel good (and I usually do it), but maybe I do and I take them to the skin Week Next week I start the CBT course, from which I heard great things Let's see how it works: 0) in Speaking about it today in your story, look at it (if you're interested) to talk about things that make us vulnerable, but I think it's important to be open because many of us have "things" … Read More …

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  • The site of the sting is where the infection inside the stigma expands to the surface of the skin leading to a white head
  • Renee recommends using a non-suppressive and anti-inflammatory patch, such as an anti-cystic solution, and leaving it alone for two days to develop stain alone
  • Once the whiteness is visible, experts believe that you can gently squeeze the infection and apply a night cream such as Night Night Lotion to heal the area

Cystic Acne:

  • Cyst is an infection that does NOT come to the surface of the skin and stays under the cyst while the body does not recover
  • Cysts should remain in the skin, so avoid picking at any cost
  • Renee's anti-functional solution is designed to help dissolve infection and prevent future outbreaks

In addition, the gods approached the social media to discuss their experiences with the disease.

While talking about her own fight against dermatilomania, blogger Wellness Holly Davidson told her 13,300 Instagram followers last year that she would "choose the hours in front of the mirror" [her]Face "and slipped into the habit of being" stressed, anxious, bored, emotionally, and sometimes without reason at all ".

There are currently over 28,000 posts on the social media platform of those affected, who document their experience with this disease – from clearer heights to skin spreads.

Although NHS recommends tips on how to treat obsessive skin disorder, Renee says the first step in eliminating habits is to recognize them.

She said, "First understand that you are doing this and then find something that hampers you.

"With my hands, that's why I do not have any scraps! Twisty Toy is a fun, rounded gadget that lets you get your hands off your face."

In addition, Renee encourages clients to blame for their skin by signing a choice contract for themselves and relying on their friends and family support.

"If we set the target and think something, we can all have great responsibility, so I created this free PDF download contract that you can sign to keep your hands away from the face," said Renee. "I recommend you put it on a mirror in the bathroom to look at your face every moment of the temptation."

For moments when you simply can not handle it, an expert recommends looking for a "trusted friend or trusted family member" to take care of your choice.

  • No picking! Tearing toys, ┬ú 4 Renee Rouleau buy cheap

She added, "Being responsible to someone always helps everyone break a habit that does not make you feel like home."

But the supreme advice that Renee would give to anyone who knocked the skin?

"You can not always control whether there is an error, but you can control how to deal with it as soon as it appears."

"If you follow the right steps, you can remove the handle with the smallest number of scars faster. That's your decision.

For more stories about the horrors of beauty, doctors have labeled "dangerous" YouTube tutorials that show women how to inject filters and Botox into their faces as "deadly".

And the woman's face is actually older than the male. Bore and relaxation accelerate the time after menopause.

In addition, this student had the pain after the hairdresser "left the whites on his head for more than an hour" – leaving scarring on the scalp and hair loss in the chest.

This is the basic rule of skin care we've all overlooked in one place or another – but we face that, it's a bit of a habit to pick your places and harder to break them.