Hair Care: Women over the age of 40 should use these products 2

Hair Care: Women over the age of 40 should use these products

Not only does the skin suffer from age, but the hair becomes more demanding at 40 and needs more care. So we identified the best products that will definitely help …

In the twenties we did not have to worry too much about the products we use for skin and hair care, but with the rise of the age and appearance of the first gray hairs and shriveled threads, we find ourselves forced to cope with the proper anti-aging care for our horn. Especially since the age of 40, hair becomes thinner and hair loss is not uncommon. Result: a straight bush that can grind our confidence. It is often the moment when we go to the shaver and take off from our long lane, but that does not have to be because this "problem" can be solved. Whether it is laundry, styling, or care – which products can not be missed in combating hair characters in our beauty bag, we discover now …

Hair Care: It should be women of 40 years

Since hair grows from 40, and does not make it any more so bulky, We should start with proper care during shampooing and carefully look at the ingredients. For example, the plant shampoo Planty 39 is specifically designed to meet the needs of our 40+ women's hair. The caffeine contained therein stimulates the follicles of the hair so that the wires are strongly rejuvenated and whey proteins and provitamin B5 finally give the stinginess and glow. But two substances, which are already known in skin care, have been shown to be anti aging hair. Of course, it is about collagen and hyaluronic acid, and shampoos and rinse enriched with these treatments provide a boiling enough amount of moisture and create a structure to look rougher and brighter. Our favorite Elvital shampoo with the collar of L & # 39; Oral. ๐Ÿ˜

Styling: It gives us a massive bush

Also with styling it's all in volume, and in order to achieve this, it's worth it to catch products that are specifically designed to give your hair moreThe Volume Powder, which is applied to the neck and provides a full-bodied or even hair spray with a special formula, such as NIVEA Vital Volume Hair Spray, are perfect companions. However, that is true Here's a lot of "less is more" because too many styling products in the pramen only complain about it and after several hours of volume can no longer be seen. For an additional dose of fullness, the curling iron handle is also validBecause of the light beach waves she looks delicious. For example, we use Amazon Best Seller's "2-in-1 Coating and Curling Iron" from Remigton.

Intensive care: not just from the outside

Whether it is a hair care or a nutrient oil – With regular care, we can reduce and even prevent the aging of the lump. Since the hoops are dull and thin with age, It is important to provide them with intensive moisture. Hair masks as well as intense argan oil treatments are just as convenient as the popular Naturel treatment. because they supply the scent of nuisance to all essential nutrients and give it a great finish. Of course, you can not only worry about the extermination, On the inside we can help the body to maintain a firm hair structure. Zinc as a dietary supplement, which you can already buy on Amazon for just under EUR 15, strengthens the immune system, it gives us glitter and can even prevent hair loss.

Our Advice: When it comes to excessive coloring of gray threads, a visit to the confidence shaver is the best step we can go to because the result of conventional shades in the drugstore is unpredictable. And we face this, who is in the mood for dyeing like green or yellow hair at 40? After all, we want to persuade you with the fantastic maneuver ร  la Jennifer Lopez! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผ

Anti-aging hair happy? We're back make the best products and link them to our gallery for Nachshoppen! ๐Ÿ›

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