How to get a job, beauty and a child under one roof 2

How to get a job, beauty and a child under one roof

For years, Jessica Alba is no longer just a beautiful actress we know from movies like "Honey", "Dark Angel" or "Into the Blue". She is also a mother and a successful business woman. With "Honest" has established a successful company that is committed to selling "clean" products that are still effective.

Jessica Alba: Birth of her daughter Honor led to "Honest"

The birth of her daughter Honor in 2008 inspired her 38-year-old to start her own business. "The key moment for me was when I had an allergic reaction to the product my mother recommended during her first pregnancy," she explains in an interview with GALA.

"There were so many products, cleaning agents, materials and makeup with unchecked chemicals, I was trying to buy something different, get involved in the reform, test it more and be frustrated, so I founded a company that stands for honesty and transparency, and for the values ​​that I have a. "

Jessica Alba is a beauty

Still, she is a "beauty", buying and trying new products, especially when she travels. "I like to watch what's on the market, we have our own labs, and if I like something, chemists and I play pigments and creams and we decide."

She gives advice to her daughters

In the meantime, Jessica, who has been married to film producer Cash Warren since 2008, has three children: Honor, 11, Haven, 7, and Hayes, 1. Her daughters also begin to develop a cosmetic interest: "My 11 year old a daughter who is currently in When adolescence comes, I always have to say good-looking faces, and it's usually a win to convince them to wash their teeth, but regularly use Honest's face oil because it's easy.

Work, travel and family – so it deals with it

Jessica has been walking for Europe for a couple of weeks, commemorating the launch of "Honest Beauty" in Douglas. After his appointment in Spain and Italy he is in Hamburg and Munich. Is not it as easy as a mother of three children? "It's hard, this time I took the kids with them, they are with my hostage in Italy, and I'll be back in a few days."

As for her beauty, Jessica is privately uncomplicated: "It takes me five to six minutes, and then I'm ready to go." I always looked at her grandmother, I really liked it, she always used only two products, Mother who looked so glamorous even when she drove me to school, with lots of colors and a completely colored face, she was not afraid.

Jessica Alba and her make-up artist Daniel Martin, who believes 100 percent.

Jessica Alba and her make-up artist Daniel Martin, who believes 100 percent.

Believes his 100% makeup artist

For professional meetings she relies on others. Make-up artist Daniel Martin, who also made Duchess Meghan for his wedding, is on his way, and a hairdresser is Jesus Guerrero. "I believe 100 percent, they are real artists, and when they do magic, that's different than anything I could ever do."

Jessica's advice to new mothers

Did she give Daniel some tips for Meghan? "I believe that time for the New Mom should be, and not try to be supermodel immediately, especially with the first child, despite the pressure to compare with other mothers, should allow themselves to gain their own experience, rather than hear the judgment of others."

After the birth of her three children, Jessica had a simple trick to look like a supermodel: "It helps a small corrector and cream lipstick because I did not sleep much, so I felt better."

Family Alba

Jessica, Cash and Wuschelköpfe