If you master these five things, you're perfectly positioned in your business 2

If you master these five things, you're perfectly positioned in your business

The sooner you master these skills, the better. And they pay off their whole life – private and professional.

You do not study for school, but for life, they say. With these five skills, the saying is true. The sooner you dominate your life, you will continue to lead them, privately and in your career. Because in the world of work these properties are increasingly demanded.

1. Self-confidence

Self-confidence or self-confidence is the expression of mental strength. Those who possess them are not so easily excluded from the balance of conflicts and problems. Avoid trusting by choosing Trust your own perception of yourself – not the picture that others have about you. Get to know each other and accept yourself, You are confident when you believe in your own abilities and goals, take up for yourself, openly express your opinion, and reach out to others.

2. compassion

Being able to sympathize with the emotions of other people will be crucial for your career advancement, because every employee is expecting communication today. With empathy you can better understand and understand how and why your colleagues and supervisors work and think how they work. This includes the willingness to engage in these emotions and to respond appropriately. This is a kind of reaction to the future, writes the online platform Karrierebibel.de.

3. Active listening

"When you say, I'm silent, because I want to understand you," he teaches at elementary school. Internalize this and keeps her mouth shut, Look relaxed, keep eye contact, dive every now and then, focus on your colleagues. If the speaker stops for a while, you can ask questions that interest you. But do not teach him Do not give unwanted advice, The time in which you just listen should be bigger.

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4. Time Management

The day is only 24 hours and you have to pack everything you need to do: sleep, eat, work, travel from A to B … and the hours pass so fast. But we'll tell you a secret: There is not too much time, but too much time you do not use optimallyIf you can divide your time well, you will save a lot of stress. Set time constraints, stay realistic, prioritize your tasks, and beware of excessively hypnotized multitasking.

5. Openness

There is no shame in ignorance or ignorance of anything. You will only be embarrassed if you catch them. An intelligent and self-confident person will admit that he does not know anything. Be curious and hungry for more knowledge, Include new questions and ask questions. Let the more experienced people say and show what you do not know and you can not do yet. Look for help
is according to Steve Jobsu, even the key to success.

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