Influenza, train and taxi: the most stubborn concert of music lovers as a special experience 2

Influenza, train and taxi: the most stubborn concert of music lovers as a special experience

Concert by David Orlowski at the Museum of Art Plus did not seem to be a good star. In fact, music lovers planned to perform in mid-March. Just before the start of the concert, however, comes the call: One of the musicians has a flu, the concert has to be switched to another meeting.

That might interest you

Since all this happened in such a short time, music lovers were still standing at the Museum of Art this evening, to explain the admissible circumstances to the visitors. The concert will definitely make up for it at some other time.

New meeting

For some time he went to the country and found a new meeting. On Saturday, June 15, the trio will perform in the museum and perform their own sounds dominated by Klezmer. Immediately before the start comes another call: Again one of the musicians is sick. She goes back and forth. The appearance should happen now, and the date still remains.

The train jammed

Finally comes Saturday, June 15th. Musicians travel separately to Donaueschingen. The phone rings. One of the musicians is traveling by train and has a bad luck with this decision. The train jammed. Did the performance fall back into the water? This must not happen – are the music lovers unanimous. So a taxi was ordered to pick up a man in Freiburg and bring him to Donaueschingen. Solved the problem? Only apparently. No one is immune to destiny: On the way to Breisgau, the taxi remains.

Something works

"It was the toughest concert we've ever been involved with," says music lovers Andreas Wilts. But what is particularly great: it was still somehow elaborated and the concert actually took place on Saturday, June 15th. "Everything on the last reversal, but sold out," says Wilts. And finally, the play was a complete success and a "special experience".