Is psychodynamic therapy a key to beautiful skin? 2

Is psychodynamic therapy a key to beautiful skin?

The fact that bowel health also affects skin condition is now known. So healthy nutrition with the right nutrients can not only prevent gastrointestinal problems, but also skin diseases such as rosacea, atopic dermatitis or acne. Likewise, skin problems often occur as a result of digestive problems. In this regard, however, a relatively new area of ​​psychology is still exciting: psychodynamics examines the relationship between skin and human psyche.

Skin as the mirror of the soul

While conventional medicine primarily treats skin problems with drugs, experts in alternative medicine have long claimed that a skin and skin disease trigger should be elsewhere because the individual organs are out of balance.

Likewise, a mental imbalance may appear externally in the form of impure skin, eczema and irritation, in a drastic case even in skin diseases. Since it seems logical to treat existing skin problems by treating the psyche, however, the skin is already in folk speech as the mirror of the soul.

The beginnings of psychodynamics

The field of psychodynamics, a combination of classical dermatology and psychology, is still relatively new and is still not widespread. Association for psycho-cystitis of North American medicine currently lists only ten acknowledged experts in this area for America. In Germany, since 1995, within the High School for Psychosomatic Dermatology (DKPM) and led by the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, there is a working group for psychosomatic dermatology.

Specialist portal Psychology today defines the field of research as a treatment that experts treat skin as a psychotherapist to the patient – "learning how the skin reacts and helps relieve emotional and environmental stresses." Experts need medical training in both areas of research to be able to call psychodermatologists – among other things, it may explain why the field has so far been rather poorly represented.

Although initial research trends have emerged in the 1930s, psychodynamics seems to have its raison d 'être today. Since the louder voices for a more careful and viable life, the point of view of an individual is more and more focused on one's own well-being and ways to increase. This includes hearing the skin, our largest organ and work for your health, as well as for other organs.

Psychodermatology: a holistic approach to well-being

More and more people recognize the relationship between indoor and outdoor health, showing the popularity of dietary supplements such as beauty capsules, collagen drinks and detox to reduce stress. Therefore, we are on the good path to not considering the skin as a single object, but as an important building block – psychiatric hematology, it complements the psychology as an additional factor. You know from everyday life that your mental state reflects on the skin, think of redness with excitement or shame, rash before exam or stressful pimple.

Psychodermatological tendencies in ayurveda and TCM

In learning traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and ayurveda, this approach has been followed for millennia, but in the western world so far it has been ridiculed. With the aspiration of a holistic approach to beauty and health and more attention in everyday life, this orientation spills on us. Who wants to mark the direction of research as an alternative medical cuter, must distinguish: In fact, psychodermatology finds are based on tangible scientific studies that confirm the relationship between psyche and skin.

Brain and skin: lifelong bond

Dr. Amy Wechsler, one of the few US psychology specialists, said on Fashionista website: "Skin and brain come from the same embryo, which naturally have a connection – naturally they are linked together." This is the intestinal brain that connects the digestive tract a central nervous system tract in the 1930s was discovered by dermatologists John H. Stokes and Donald M. Pillsbury.

5 Methods on How To Use Psydermatology For Beautiful Skin

As human psyche is complex, this is the area of ​​psychodynamics. But even without a specialist booking, you can use the research approach with simple daily habits and rituals for beautiful skin.

1. Affirmation

A positive attitude can help in many life situations – this also applies to the strength of affirmation on the skin. Once you recognize the fact that stress in the skin feels, the foundation for a more beautiful skin is laid. This can also be biologically justified: in a positive mental state, the body is overwhelmed with tension-releasing hormones, which increases blood circulation and thus supplies oxygenated skin cells. As a result, we feel less under stress, the skin is visibly better.


One step further is meditation. The 2005 study shows that people with regular meditation have a thicker brain stem. It becomes thinner with age and is responsible for aging processes. Another 2017 study also showed that the process of meditation in the body activates anti-inflammatory processes that alleviate inflammatory skin diseases such as acne, rose, psoriasis and eczema.

3. Sufficient sleep

Sleep should not be underestimated because of general well-being and beautiful skin. In psychodynamics, it is an essential factor in solving skin problems and stress and maintaining skin and psyche health. Because during sleep the body regenerates, and thus the brain and organs, including the skin. As we sleep, the body increases the production of anti-inflammatory substances. Ideal for adults is seven and a half to eight hours of sleep.

4. Aromatherapy

Essential oils that have a positive effect on sleep quality can also make your skin healthier. This is – see the above mentioned meditations and affirmations – also because of the positive mood, which is caused by a fragrant fragrance of oil on the temples, a cushion spray on the pillow or fog of the face. Lavender oil is twice as effective as it relaxes the mind, calms the heart and breathing, while external toning tones the skin, soothes and relieves the inflammation. Also, oils such as rose, chamomile and incense favor your psyche and skin.

5. Exercises

In addition to the aforementioned methods, psychiatric experts also recommend more tangible methods of aligning psyche and skin in the good. Regular exercise in the form of sports – whether it is physical exercise, cycling, swimming or dance training – is ideal for reducing mental stress while promoting skin health. And since stress hormone cortisol breaks down during orgasm, sex can contribute to healthier skin and relaxation.

Does healthy psyche replace skin care?

If you are now going to meditation and throwing away your expensive skin creams, sera and duster agent, put at least the last one. Each skin is individual, which makes access to psychodynamics as well as skin care products can produce an individually different effect. Also, after all the methods of less stress, more attention and healthy skin, it may take some time for the results to show. Beautiful skin does not come overnight, just as the body needs to get used to new processes. In addition, despite all the thorough cleansing of the face, moisturizing – and not just in the summer – sunscreen is essential for a nice and healthy skin. A psychiatric specialist can work with you to create a tailor-made program to promote the health of your psyche and skin for a longer period of time.

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