Masked singer in ProSieben: a decolon star shocks viewers - even moderators ... 2

Masked singer in ProSieben: a decolon star shocks viewers – even moderators …

In "The Masked Singer" at ProSieben, ten celebrities sing in funky costumes. The first episode revealed the celebrity. And it was also a break.

Updated June 28: By the way, during the latest issue of The Masked Singer, even moderator Matthias Opdenhövel damaged the passage of the jury of Max Giesinger. "Can I praise you? The best parting today is on you," she teased.

Masked singer: Octopus is overwhelming

The first masculine star has also been revealed: behind the octopus that hides the former "No Angels" star Lucy. She had to go first. The other nine stars will be reunited next Thursday. Who is hiding behind the other nine bones, only gradually breaks down.

Masked singer: Some of the famous jury does not like some viewers

Update from June 27th at 10:40 pm: The first episode of the new Prosieben show "Masked Singer" took place on Thursday night on television. Reactions were mixed – especially on Twitter, viewers released.

Specifically, the jury, consisting of Ulm-Fernandes, Max Giesinger's singer, leader Ruth Moschner and guest star Rae Garvey, was criticized. Jury advice, which is under the masks, is total bullshit, writes User Mirco126. Netscripter sees it in a similar way, he writes, "It's so hollow, the celebrities speculate." Especially since Moschner was delighted with almost every performance, the audience was not very well-received:

Even the liberal jury member's clothing was criticized: Max Giesinger showed himself in a deep t-shirt. Too good a thing for some viewers:

And the audience disassociated their viewers from viewers. So 1980YANN writes on Twitter: "Could you possibly keep the hands of the audience so they do not clash at 1 and 3?"

Masked singer at ProSieben: launch of the show on Thursday night

Cologne – ProSieben sends a cryptic review of the new show for weeks: huge, recognizable, spectacular characters go to the door accompanied by bodyguards, opens up, the stage to the stage is free – who's in costumes, is not at all recognizable. It's a trick: under cover they hide celebrities and the whole of Germany should guess who it is.

The Emiter invests tremendous efforts to keep the participants secret and dramatically count the seconds to be launched on June 27 at 20:15 on the site. Perhaps rightfully: in the country of origin of the show, South Korea, the concept is a cult in the United States, the show puts on a brilliant first season – with real stars.

Masked singer at ProSieben: That's it

Hidden in too large, fairly spacious costumes, ten celebrities are performing. Your task: perform, sing. Who is? – Good question! But in every costume and feature film are mentioned the real people who are located.

However, it is very difficult to guess: the voices are distorted – they only voted without filters. The best performance character remains the longest in the race. Title, prize, in short, the winner does not exist in the sense.

Masked singer at ProSieben: How does it work and who joins it?

Unlike the American nurse, this show is alive. Real-time, online viewers can puzzlingly – and vote on which character to put in the best way. If you get the smallest number of votes, you must remove the cover at the end of the show and find out who it is.

At least the most famous acquaintances are already well known: The jury is composed of actress Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, singer Max Giesinger and director Ruth Moschner, and guessing and rating of characters in each show – plus a guest star that varies from show to show.

Matthias Opdenhövel Moderately: "I'm really happy," she says. "The American version was great, and even the German puzzle.

More than 7,000 curious people follow the broadcast on Facebook: "I look forward to it," the user writes. Another user praised the concept: "I've seen him in America and that was the best I've ever seen."

Masked singer at ProSieben: The masks of the Wars Exhibition were handmade

A sparkling stranger, a science fiction fan, a foxhole, a Venetian angel, a monster heart, an astronaut, a mango octopus: blankets are real artwork.

According to ProSieben, each cost about 15,000 euros and is handmade in Altötting, and was designed by the four-time Emmy winner and costume designer Marina Toybin. He also works for Taylor Swift.

For each costume, it takes up to five weeks, with tone technicians constantly involved. Acoustics must be correct! Each costume weighs up to 20 pounds.

Masked singer: The secret is strictly guarded

Hype in America, the transmitter was obviously warned. The secret of who 10 participants is strictly guarded and, of course, celebrated. No one should find out who was before. Even the participants do not know their colleagues.

Only eight people know who's in the masks, ProSieben says, two in ProSieben. Bodyguards bring stars to the show, then they are just on the road, they may not talk to anyone, even with each other, and have personal assistants. The next Youtube video shows how the first season of the Masked Singer in Fox went to the US:

Masked singer: Who is under the mask?

According to ProSieben, it should be famous personalities from various areas: musicians, athletes, actors, chefs, lecturers, politicians, writers, coaches, entrepreneurs … In the USA, actually, stars such as soul legend Gladys Knight, comedian Margret Cho and Singer, Attended Donny Osmond's dancer, head of Broadway and star.

Is German television, whose vocal formats so far have been the "Voice of Germany" and "Voice of Children", or is it again a star show – all this has to be revealed. So far, secrecy is excellent. Is this still the case after the first episodes?