Migros produces diet, Zalando and Adidas propagate Digital Detox, Amazon distributes packets in ... 2

Migros produces diet, Zalando and Adidas propagate Digital Detox, Amazon distributes packets in …

Dear reader, 40% of Germans are happy to always avoid digital technology again. For younger consumers this number is even higher. This is about current ECC Cologne and Otto Group's "Future Trade" study. And as is always the case with the feelings of life and desire: which can be sold. For trade.

Zalando and Adidas slave "Digital Detox"

"Digital Detox" is something of a luxury today. Like time. Or sleep. In any case, it is a bait that can be used to address target groups. That's why Zalando and Adidas Originals invite to the offline entertainment under the slogan "Telephones, without hands". The goal is profane. New tennis shoes need to be sold. Of course, the campaign is not just on posters.

Pop Titans warm up for Prime Day

Amazon also makes Pop for premier day: July 9th Fantastic Four and Clueso will warm up the day of negotiations in Munich. Free for members who will need some luck. From July 10th to 11th, Amazon Video will broadcast the live broadcast live Taylor Swift.

Migros wants to solve Globusa, Depota, Interia and M-Waya

Even the big Swiss Migros does not get everything on the chain at the same time. so focus, Basic business, convenience, digital sales channels, as well as further development of specialized markets Do it + Garden, OBI, melectronics, Micasa, SportXX and Bike World. For this purpose, he wants to share the Globus, Depot, Interio (furniture) and M-Way (e-bikes).

Now wash together: laundry and zip

At request dry cleaning As the market segment is about as delicate as a cashmere sweater. Since it makes sense, if two of the relevant mobile chemical cleaners Laundrapp and Zipjet, based in London and Berlin, were expected to be in the spring, they are actually together. Strictly speaking, Laundrapp takes over rocket Internet rivals as part of a share deal with shares. As a softener, there is a further round of financing from existing investors, including Tosca Fund, Hargreave Hale VCT, Henkel, Rocket Internet and other minority shareholders.


Counter: For the Amazon coupon at the corner store

With Verve, Amazon continues with the new counter concept. Customers can pick up their packages around the corner at special places in the store. After fairly unobtrusive tests in the UK and Italy, Amazon goes to the American Drugstore Rit Aid with hundreds of start-up sites and plans in the United States, there are still thousands of places to raise with additional partners. Amazon continues to emancipate from the package service, enabling retailers to push new customers into the store and even generate additional revenue if they are smart.

Real Real will be realistic on the stock market

A luxury retailer in the US RealReal, the market for stylish and expensive chic, is today in the public domain. The range ranges from $ 17 to $ 19 per share. It takes about $ 270 million. With a $ 19 share price, TheRealReal would be valued at $ 1.6 billion. And with an external revenue of $ 711 million and a turnover of $ 207 million. We hope that the online retailer market in the US will grow to $ 33 billion by 2021, and RealReal will get a big piece of cake.


Digitalization of the supply chain

Fashion. Up on the fashion track is chic. In the back of the supply chain there is sweat. But money is being made here. Just how? Have answers among others Tchibo, Otto, Mavi, Relenda and Dresslife at the Fashion Supply Chain Summit on September 6, 2019 at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt on the Main.

The customers of the application costly pay

German smartphone users belong when purchasing Purchase applications to fast fixes. Only the day and 13 hours after the app installation was purchased for the first time. Faster are American customers. Further Recognition of Transnational Study of Mobile Service Providers Adjustment and Recovery: Costs for new users of active apps for purchase in this country are about $ 65. That's not cheap.

VW launches car sharing service

The Volkswagen Group now blends in Berlin with its own offering called WeShare in the car market. About 1,500 fully electric vehicles can now be rented in the capital.

Number of days

"Etailment" reads readers a month 85,000 decision makers, This is what has recently been published in LAE 2019 (reader analysis of decision makers in business and administration). LAE determines the use of business printing every year by decision-makers in business and administration, as well as their decision-making powers.

The beginning of the day

Far above the average is the interest (traffic) in our portrayal of starting Bilendo – it helps us all around us warning, Is there a shop so many open accounts? Or did the store simply recognize that automation and software can save a lot of costs (and staffing)?

Favorite readers

Biometrics or networked applications reduce processes – even eliminating them. This is especially true for the pain of the purchase: The checkoutIt is about practicality. So it's best with that, away with the cashier.

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