Model Diet: With this excellent method you can lose up to 7 pounds in one week 2

Model Diet: With this excellent method you can lose up to 7 pounds in one week

The diet in which we lose up to 7 pounds a week can not be healthy? With these first assumptions we are probably right. Still, we do not allow us to take this and look at the model child a little closer.

Our first thought when we heard it melt with a model diet up to 7 kg per week: It can not be if it is, then not in a healthy environment. Still, we were dealing with the weight loss method, which was allegedly used by models around the world for their body of dreams, and we discovered how the principle works. We also know why dieting is not what you should try to imitate and, instead, you know a child that will help you achieve the goal of the bikini figure in a healthy way.

Model Diet: HOW to work the unhealthy weight loss principle

If we look at the diet to be followed during dietary diets, we lose appetite. At least in the morning Eating boiled eggs to reduce starvation, they would have only two parts of 175 g of slimy quail for lunch and dinner Wait for us. For one thing, it should be low calories and fats and tame us for the other. This seems unlikely in our daily meals. Other foods such as meat, fish, dairy products or wheat products are of course not allowed during the diet. Important fluids that our body needs during the day, especially in the summer, are allowed only in the form of green teas and ginger-lemon water (for example, as a Switchel drink). However, we can still overcome this principle: Alcohol and candy are taboos during the diet model.

That's why we lose weight with light-fast weight loss

Why we lose a radical weight loss treatment up to 7 pounds a week is visible in this diet. Especially in fat-free nutrients such as calcium and the protein that our body needs to spend energy on transformation. Since it does not get any extra nutrients from it, it uses our fat deposits and takes them away. Result: The kilograms begin to fall. However, it is not necessarily burnt fat but above all lost water, which is why we quickly find a weight reduction, which, once we are balanced again and healthy, immediately reinserts and returns the pounds to our ribs.

That way, you will come to dreams in a healthy way

Those who want to lose weight with a healthy and no yo-yo effect prefer to work without radical collision methods, such as the alleged diet of big fashion tracks, and try a lot more Slimmer variants that take a little longer time to dream the figure, but for long-term success and the prevention of unilateral eating at the bar. The weight loss methods that are discussed and described in detail are, for example, a nutritionally-based nutrition-based Mediterranean diet that focuses on fresh nutrient-rich foods and Aldi's diet. We can eat balanced and at the same time inexpensive. Anyone who combines it with enough exercise and movement will also get closer to your desired weight at a glance. ๐Ÿ’•

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