Modern fairy tales as a cure 2

Modern fairy tales as a cure

Maria Pegelow writes novels and contemporary fairy tales. The 79-year-old Hagenerine hopes her stories will not be forgotten.

It would not be called a "true writer". "I'm writing about my schooling, but after I retired, I started to publish my stories as a book," says a modest 79-year-old. A woman born in Emsland began as a young girl: "I've always had a lively imagination, dreamed of the dumbest things at night and I had a little" Spokkenkieker ability. ""

Books steal in the evening

She wrote her dreams and thoughts – just for herself. "My parents had a paper store and stationery in a small village near the Dutch border, and in turn they managed a small library." So Maria Pegelow sat practically at the source, "I stole books in the evening and secretly – armed with a lamp, blankets. "

Later Pegelow trained as a retailer, founded a family, and writing was behind. When he was a retired, they met with a few hits of fate, "in balance, I wrote novels to let my thoughts go wild. It was a cure.

A short story with stories about destiny

From her circle of friends she received praise for her stories, and in 2008 she published her first short novel with stories about her destiny. "I had 100 copies printed privately," he says. Her second book, "Endstation W├╝stenzauber", was released in 2012 at the Schlosser publishing house – a modern amusement fair for reminders of Cinderella. 2015 follows (self-published) "marriage of pain", "the book has an authentic background," reveals the 79-year-old.

The Word of the Child's Book

Even today? He writes Vorhaller while yet, but without publishing their lines. "I'm a pensioner, the price is too high for me," she complains and adds, "I'm afraid that's what I've said in my stories, sometimes lost." to publish a children's book with illustrations, "but it remains a dream". One hope is for a lively lady: "My daughter has inherited love of books from me, she is also a literary moth, perhaps later on to take care of my literary legacy.