Pesticides should be avoided in public areas 2

Pesticides should be avoided in public areas

As far as possible, pesticides are not used in the city. The Environmental Protection Committee has praised numerous flower meadows. Claus Vollmer (Green) complained as part of her mandate, as the agenda of the administration was designed.

The item "different" could be differently weighted in the Environment Committee. Urte Stahl and Richard Sottru from the Public Green Information Department provided detailed information on flower meadows in the city and pesticides at a meeting on Thursday in City Hall II.

Why is the meaning of the flower meadow under "different things" in the list puzzling for Claus Vollmer (green) (see information). A good example of planting meadow meadows is a bus station, where the two areas at that time seemed somewhat wild. Another example is a circular run in Dreispitz in the direction of Schuttertal or Kinzigtal. On one hand, Stahl described these reasons as visually appealing, but on the other hand, he emphasized that these areas should also be tolerated if there was something disagreeable about it. Many years of planting offer many different ways in which insects find food in the city.

When the inner city areas are planted, indigenous shrubs or trees are preferred, says Lahr. It is also considered that plants are good for insects. These meadows are only sold once or twice a year, which means they can go wild. As long as you're just looking at the optics. Walter Caroli (SPD) suggested that companies should be convinced of the creation of such areas. There are still some possibilities.

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Nabu and BUND wondered how the city would deal with pesticides. Sottru explained that now, where possible, the use of toxins in the destruction of weeds will be abandoned. However, the weed removal method is still in the test phase. Hand surgery is very long lasting and expensive. The proven use of hot water has already come under Vollmer's criticism.

These are bad plants and living beings. The city seeks – among other things, on the web site – the waiver and the ability and transfer. Because of the call to the site, Sottru was certain that this had a certain success. Ban on the use of glyphosate or other pesticides is now part of the lease agreement, Sottru said. Also under "Miscellaneous" Sottru presented a competition called "Natural Gardens". If you are interested, you can send your name, address and pictures of your garden. The jury will then review the gardens and award prizes. The deadline is Wednesday, July 10th. This first attempt was a sort of successor to a flower decoration competition. However, there should be at least 100 square meters of garden available. Nature conservation or diversity would then be assessed.

The work of Nabu
Caroli recently introduced a special garden. The natural heritage Langenhard exists since 2012. The present-day practicable area of ​​Langenhard, which has been reserved for Canadian armed forces for decades, is by chance derived from military training from the early 20th century. The cartoon artillery around 1900 created this place. Nabu in Lahru has shown tremendous success since 2012, as many lectures and lectures showed. For example, amphibians have found a new home in a former shielded washing facility, and the neighboring house serves bats as winter dwellings.

Claus Vollmer with a reminder

The ecological discussion met last Thursday as part of last time. Claus Vollmer, who did not return as a longtime leader of the Green for local elections, took the opportunity to thank and remind him. There have been many achievements in years since the committee was established. Today, therefore, it became the question of what had to be at first at the beginning of this body. On the other hand, he personally believes that the board within a number of committees of council councils in the administration is still considered a kind of distressed child. Specifically, Vollmer has asked why the Technical Board "seals everything" once a month.
On the other hand, only four times a year, the environmental committee could consider the required areas of compensation. His request to the director and all the heirs of the body is therefore that the Environment Committee must meet every two months.