Sensitive sun creams on the Eco-test: so cut off most of the product 2

Sensitive sun creams on the Eco-test: so cut off most of the product

There are strong differences in the quality of sunscreen.

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In front of the shelves are emphasized sunscreens: more sensitive products promise perfect sun protection for sensitive skin. But most of it falls.

Sun sets on every skin type. However, particularly light and sensitive skin needs special protection – at least suggesting countless delicate products found on drugstore shelves, pharmacies and supermarkets. Even people who are allergic to the sun should be able to watch the sunshine more relaxed with the help of the product. But How Good Are They Sensitive Sunscreens?

Half the cream is just "satisfying," six falls

The consumer magazine Öko-Test tested 20 sensitive sunscreens with amazing results. So only four of them convinced. The concept of sensitive products sounds obvious: For lightweight, salty, moisturizing formulations with a high sun protection factor, it is said to prevent harmful UV rays and less irritate sensitive skin as a conventional sunscreen. Also, the lack of perfume makes many sensitive products interesting to people with skin problems.

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But what sounds a good reduction in eco-test comparisons is pretty bad. Therefore, only two sensitive products can be considered "very good" and one product "good"The rest is even weaker: six sunscreen completely collapses, half the cream gets just "satisfactory".

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Eko-test winners: Four products are recommended

Öko-Test considers harmful UVA / UVB filters, critical ingredients such as silicones, paraffins and formaldehyde / cake, in Sensitive Creams with SPF 30 in their estimate.

Eco-Test recommends the following two products:

  • Eko kozmetika Sunscreen is sensitive
  • Sun shade ultra sensitive

The following products are classified as "satisfactory":

  • Eucerin Sensitive
  • The sun is delicate

Really badly rated there were expensive Lancaster brands for 47.98 euros and "Cetaphil" for 29.95 euros due to harmful UVB filters. "Avène" sunscreen for 35 euros was rated "deficient", as reported by the so-called "Avène".

Learn more about eco-testing here

It is important to know: Eco-Test has not tested whether sensitive sunscreens are also sufficiently protected from UV light. The consumer protection organization Stiftung Warentest has also tested the protective effect – and it has come up with a surprising result: the four low-priced products went off the best.

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