So your make-up does not melt during the summer 2

So your make-up does not melt during the summer

Whether it is hot heat, hot rain or humid climate, makeup is the summer thing. We show what you need to do without – and what we wear instead.

Rich foundations

Liquid makeup that is super cool and at best is still wet, is a favorite winter. But in the summer of 2019 it will remain in the back of the closet because we want to be natural!

What we do instead is: Day cream that provides a lot of moisture (for example, this version of piglet?), UV protection and light BB cream.


Scandi Girls have called this trend already last year: we leave fingers now in the masks! This is not only practical, if you go after a busy day in Badia, but it looks super cool and young. Anyone with a very light eyelashes will save the morning's stress with a single coloring.

What we do instead is: Wimpernseren! They are quickly applied and after a short period of time ensure that our eyelashes are challenging even without ink.


Insta-what? Brownies that are lighter in front and darker in the back, perfectly drawn and strongly emphasized are celebrating social networks (and Kylie Jenner). We do not like doing so much – especially not when it's called a bathing lake.

What we do instead is: A clear eyebrow gel that cleans the hair just above. If you can not paint without color, you can use a toned version.

Dark creamy lipstick

In autumn and winter dark creamy lipsticks provide care and shiny color in one. But we do not want to know the rich texture in the summer.

What we do instead is: Waterproof candidates in beautiful berries and naked tones. They're still there, even after they jump into the water – or in the plane with the summer floret – where they belong.

Soothing powders

Finally, the look of the makeup is fixed with a mat pocket? Not this summer! We finish finishing with a mask that looks perfect but unnatural.

What we do instead is: Dewy effect dispenser. So our makeup lasts all day – and we look fresh as in the summer rain walk!

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