Stimulating Metabolism: These are the best tips 2

Stimulating Metabolism: These are the best tips

Some people can eat as often as they like and do not take grams. Others just look at pizza from distance and already have a kilo more on their hips. But why? Blame it metabolismSome of them work metabolism better and more fat, carbohydrates and food ingredients, as well as in others.

What is metabolism at all?

But what is it metabolism in fact, how exactly does it work and what is the connection with weight loss? Grubo speaking in metabolism are involved in many small processes in the body, where substances are transferred to individual cells, re-renewed and re-removed. And it only happens to be some faster and more effective than others. Above all, weight loss is an important energy metabolism that the body increases its energy. In particular, fat, carbohydrates and protein absorbed into the diet are used for this purpose. When they are used, they use thick pads. This helps him to lose weight.

How can you do it? metabolism encourage?

Who wants to lose weight should do it metabolism do not lose sight. First, there is a basal metabolic rate, that is, the amount of energy each person needs to survive individually. This is usually measured in kilocalories. If you take more calories than you consume, you gain weight. If you consume more than you consume, you lose weight. Therefore, launch metabolism for people who want to lose weight, so interesting. This is possible through numerous tips and tricks.

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metabolism raise: Drink plenty of water

It is especially important to work metabolism is a sufficient amount of water. The German Food Society recommends consuming 2.7 liters of water per day – about 1.5 liters of drinking water. Water supports digestion and so on metabolismCold water even boosts this effect, because the body needs to spend more energy to counteract it. But now that she has sweetened juices or juices lies next to her. Coffee or green tea are a good choice. Due to the caffeine contained in metabolism additionally curved. To get a positive effect on caffeine, take two cups of coffee or green tea a day.

Regular and too small food

Also, food can help metabolism works better. This is because the body needs to apply extra energy to digest nutrients from meals. Especially high protein food, because the body needs to spend the most energy.

Conversely, eating too little can cause the body to lose its own metabolism Driving down because he thinks he's in an emergency.

Spicy food stimulates

Who is his metabolism You really want to warm up, spices must be used, preferably chili. Contains capsaicin increases heat in the body by up to 25 percent. To cool down, the body needs more energy, which is metabolism improved. Also, gingerbread with its gingerol and shoagolen has a similar effect and is therefore considered a metabolic turbo.

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Sports for metabolism

Movement increases basal metabolism because more muscle mass consumes more energy. In order to ignite the metabolic turbo, it is best to use a combination of endurance and strength training. Basically, however, you should be active at least twice a week of exercise and your body should also provide enough time to recover.

Lack of sleep as a metabolic killer

If the body gets too little sleep it prevents it metabolismBecause he works in the dream metabolism at full speed. Therefore an adult should sleep seven to nine hours a day. Most important for good functioning metabolism is a deep, coherent dream. Even for athletes, sleep is of great importance because the muscles regenerate during sleep. In addition, one should be careful that someone does not eat directly before bedtime. That prevents it metabolism.

Switschel: water with ginger lemon juice and apple cider vinegar drink?

It is considered a weight loss trend: a mixture of ginger water lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. The combination drinks in the morning on an empty stomach, because then it should really ignite their effect. Drinks stimulate metabolism At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system, prevent inflammation and stains, and calm the stomach. You can do this in the morning directly metabolism push.

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