The singer may not appear because of Kurzhaarfrisur in "TV Garden" 2

The singer may not appear because of Kurzhaarfrisur in "TV Garden"

After Pietro Lombardy, the next singer was denied access to the "ZDF Television Garden". Géraldine Olivier was no longer welcome on Sunday's show Andrea Kiew.

"TV Garden" is the focal point of many musicians if they want to promote their new songs. Likewise for Geraldine Olivier. However, his performance on ZDF is prohibited. In a post on Facebook she wrote: "I'm not on TV" ZDF-Fernsehgarten ", why? Because the music editor does not like my short hairstyle."

"Funny, funny, Tralalalala" … I'm not on TV show ZDF-Fernsehgarten ZDF Why?

Because …

Posted by Geraldine Olivier on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

In addition, the editor said she did not like the song on the new singer's album. "Well, it's called freedom of the press, my dear, allowed her to think so and not call me." But the criticism of her hairstyle of Géraldine is wrong. "Since I'm still planning to wear my short-haired hairstyle, I'll probably never play again in this show while she's sitting there."

"Mrs. Olivier liked me with a long hair"

A day later, the singer re-turns to ZDF. In an open letter to General Manager Thomas Bellu and program manager Norbert Himmler, Géraldine Olivier explains the situation. According to her management, the editors have a pattern. "A common occurrence that is then treated either by calling the program or by appropriate deletion."

After numerous comments on my post regarding my "hairy rejection" from the ZDF television room, I let myself send the "Open Letter" to the Intendant Director and ZDF Program!

Posted by Geraldine Olivier on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

For Géraldine Olivier welcomed the dismissal – with a surprising reason. "Mrs. Olivier loved me with a long hair, I do not like short hairstyles," the editor said. "Of course, it's not my place to judge the freedom of the press and the editorial decision about my artwork, but the justification for rejecting my visual change is not an unbeatable decision for me," says the letter,

"Optical criteria are, of course, irrelevant"

Currently, Switzerland is awaiting an opinion. But nobody has yet contacted the singer. The "View", however, reached a spokesman for the station. "The ZDF-Fernsehgarten" composes a diverse and varied music program for every Sunday based on current music trends and includes different music colors, "explains Stefan Unglaube from Switzerland's news. Unfortunately, a large number of queries do not allow us to respond to each artist's request in a positive way. As far as the editorial choice of artists is concerned, optical criteria are obviously irrelevant.

That was what Géraldine Olivier looked like in his "Fernsehgarten" performance in 2009. (Source: image imaging)

Géraldine Olivier is on the ZDF television garden, but at that time still with a long lease. In December, the singer separated from her hair. That this step has an impact on their job offers, and the 52-year-old probably did not expect it.

Earlier this month, Pietro Lombardi was also denied access to TV Garden. DS DS 2010 refused to leave its mark on the spot. Then the 27-year-old drove home again.