The Stroke New York Diet helps celebrities and models lose weight 2

The Stroke New York Diet helps celebrities and models lose weight


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The Stroke New York Diet helps celebrities and models lose weight

The New York Diet combines a strict diet plan with a close fitness program. So, the kilograms should fall.

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The New York Diet combines a strict diet plan with a close fitness program. So, the kilograms should fall.

Up to 5 pounds loss in just 2 weeks: New York diet promises quick customer success. But the diet plan is pretty strict. Familiarize yourself with the diet of celebrities.

If you think of American food, such as burgers and pancakes, in New York, then you have to be disappointed. Because that's exactly what's strict New York Diet not in the plan. But the celebration diary, with which Heidi Klum allegedly found his second child back to the dream image, promises extreme customer success in the shortest possible time. So, after only 2 weeks, up to 5 pounds should fall and the waistline should be reduced.

We will explain what looks like a tough New York diet and can really provide what it promises.

New York Diet: Slimming in Three Phases

New York Diet developed by US fitness trainer and coach of celebrities David Kirsch. After Heidi Klum was helped by the second birthday to return to the fashion show, diet feels great glory.

New York Diet lasts a total of 8 weeks and is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Here is followed a relatively strict diet with low carbohydrate content and low fat level for two weeks. The menu is mainly foods rich in proteins, such as meat, fish, protein drinks, and vegetables and salads. Ornamental fruits can be eaten as a snack between them.
  • Phase 2: The second stage of nutrition lasts for two weeks. In addition to the first stage food, low carbohydrate levels, including quinos, sweet potatoes, berries and apples are now allowed.
  • Phase 3: The third phase lasts for four weeks, but should also be implemented as a lifelong diet. There are now two prohibited foods per day (see list below).

In addition to eating, New York Diet has been supplemented by a strict fitness program to stimulate metabolism. Every day you have to train for about 45 to 90 minutes. Not only is this an extreme program for people who do not deal with much sport, but is probably challenging because of the low energy content of the diet.

The stars that have lost a lot

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Stroke Diet New York Diet

To make New York Diet easier, the inventor has devised a kind of "nutrition formula". Foods from A to F are one of the prohibited foods:

  • As alcohol (alcohol): Alcohol is not only high in calories, but should be stimulating and should not be drunk, especially in the first stage of the New York diet.
  • B like bread: Bread gives excessively empty calories and has an attracting effect.
  • C like starch carbohydrates: Only rice, pasta, biscuits and cereals are allowed, as well as potatoes.
  • D for dairy products (dairy products): Dairy products contain lactose lactose.
  • E like candy (extra candy)Sweeties, sweets, soft drinks and fruit juices are taboo in New York.
  • F as fruit and most fat (fruits and most fat): Fruit contains fructose and is not allowed in the 1st stage of the diet. On the other hand, phase 2 provides several variants. For fat, hydrogenated fat and many saturated fatty acids (red meat, sausages, etc.) are eliminated from the plan.

At stage 1 diet, these prohibited groups of foods are completely omitted. The second stage allows several prohibited foods, and in the third stage, two prohibited foods can be eaten on a daily basis.

Conclusion for the New York Diet: For extreme weight loss program with yo-yo danger

Due to the low carb diet plan, extensive bans and intense fitness units, a New York diet is very likely to lead to customer success. Whether it's promised 5 pounds in 2 weeks, it probably depends on the starting weight.

However, extreme nutrition should be treated with great caution. High protein amounts can cause discomfort, as well as an extreme fitness plan, which is not necessarily suitable for beginners. Implementing Phase 3 on a permanent basis as a diet – as recommended by Kirsch – is not necessarily recommended because it may, among other things, lead to carbohydrates in small amounts to a lack of nutrients – for example fiber.

If you go back to your normal diet after the baby is over, yo-yo effect may be greeted. Our advice: you prefer to opt for a long-term change in a balanced diet that suits you individually and lets you achieve slow, but sustained weight loss.

Besides, you need to have such a radical diet never under medical supervision try out. There are too many risks, on the one hand, to develop a nutritional deficiency in the case of malnutrition, and on the other hand injuries to the sport are carried out.

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