Videopremiere: Carnival Young people play at Boys Do Cry with their roots 2

Videopremiere: Carnival Young people play at Boys Do Cry with their roots

Videopremiere: Carnival Young people play at Boys Do Cry with their roots 3
Carnival Youth // Video More from "Boys Do Cry"

In 2016, Carnival Youth won the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival for the Best European Awards for Borderlands. Vitality for the young Latvian indie band. Trio was born around twin twins Emily and Edgar Mercer in school, the band was founded in 2012. With its highly atmospheric, folk Indian pop, the trio from Riga became world famous.

Despite the young age of group members, Carnival Youth releases its fourth album in mid-August. With the current single "Boys Do Cry" after the first two pre-selections, they give the new taste of the new material and process the album not only personal experiences but also current topics. For example, in the Boys Do Cry, the band requires acceptance of female power as well as male emotionality.

A game with gender roles

The subject is visually displayed on the movie. So look at four young women's styling – including makeup, clothing and jewelery in the form of a sparkling ring ring. At least of this point, the focus is clearly placed on female power. Corresponding inscription "Let's kick some ass" and four women literally pass through a scene on the scene where they meet carnival youngsters, who are in the middle of shooting in a good mood. When the whole production department is already in the field, the trio has no choice but to admit its inferiority to the stage. Great statement for the young band and topic that could not be more current in current gender debates.

New album "Good Luck!" It will be released August 16. New songs were shot last summer in São Paulo, Brazil, in collaboration with producer Nicolas Vernesse (The War On Drugs). In the fall, Latvians go on a longer trip with several stations in Germany. There he will present his new material to the live audience.

Tournaments: Carnival Youth

10/10/2019. – Munich, content
11/10/2019. – Bern, gas boiler (CH)
12/10/2019. – Zurich, onion (CH)
14/10/2019. – Hamburg, Molotov
15/10/2019. – Berlin, Berghain Canteen
16/10/2019. – Dresden, Ostpol
18/10/2019. – Dusseldorf, Hotel Friends
19.10.2019 – Freibug, Big Ranges Teng Teng
20/10/2019. – Stuttgart, White noise

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Video of the premier: The Carnival of young people announces in boys crying for more acceptance of male emotions: