"What if ... if he does not raise him?" 2

"What if … if he does not raise him?"

Once the basic physical illness is excluded, it is clarified with a specialist in psychiatry and neurology. Serious consequences of erectile dysfunction are often mental disorders in the affected person and significantly reduced sexuality. The patient develops feelings of puberty and uncertainty to his own body, but especially to his partner. It is not uncommon to avoid physical closeness. The growing partnership problems result if a man is silent about his problem and a woman is looking for a mistake. When the partnership is compromised, a couple of sessions should be held to divert attention to male sexuality and masculinity, focusing on other types of partnerships. The diminished self-esteem of both partners leads to depression with tendencies of withdrawal in social isolation. In healing therapy, a husband and his partner learn not to suppress the problem, to remove weight and drama, and to "talk about it normally".

The most important rule in psychotherapy is Cultivating conscious self-esteemAnyone who does not "raise it at this time" should not be considered "weak" or even feel "impotent" because it will increase erectile dysfunction and spoil self-esteem. It is important to be relaxed in psychotherapy by methods such as progressive muscle relaxation and breathing exercises, and openly talk about basic fears: the fear of being a real man and subjective fears of failure are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. You can interpret them only with careful looking at psychotherapy and healing, determination, perseverance, and patience.

Erectile dysfunction is a permanent inability to achieve or maintain erectile dysfunction. Essentially complaints can be organic, psychological and personal factors.

Main risk factors age, obesity, cardiovascular disease, severe alcohol consumption and smoking; In addition, antihypertensive drugs, high blood pressure, elevated lipid levels in the blood, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, pelvic surgery and lack of physical activity. After thorough consultation with urology specialist, physical examinations (including LaborCheck, ultrasound and magnetic resonance therapy), and sometimes MRI spinal examinations are performed. It is important to treat underlying or accompanying diseases (such as coronary heart disease, diabetes).

PDE-5 inhibitors or prostaglandins are drugs that contribute to the maintenance of cavernous muscles during erection-induced blood circulation. Possible are: Striking wave therapy erectile tissue, automatic injection therapy (Caverject Dual ® – this drug can be injected into erectile tissue immediately before sexual activity) or vacuum pump (The plastic cylinder is placed over a blunt penis and created by a hand pump, a vacuum, after the blood flow into the erectile tissue comes to stem limbs) or hormonal therapy, Lifestyle modification is also useful (such as smoking cessation, regular physical activity, healthy eating).