With courage and confidence in the new phase of life 2

With courage and confidence in the new phase of life

"You have come to the most demanding of all completed qualifications with a general higher education qualification," he said at the Hochschul-dergraduate.

The greeting was accompanied by a call to trust in one's own strength and reliably solving a new phase of life. Finally, offering Abi in the bag a whole host of options. "You have all the possibilities and if you have the courage to take advantage of that freedom and find your element," the director told young people to leave.

Of the 97 students, 21 passed the exam with an average score of 1.9 or better. Among them are Lucia Altmann, Hasein Basal, Max Ole Elliger, Jonas Elsner, Cora Ennes, Nadine Fischer, Matthias Fritsch, Albert Gamann, Leonie Gillot, Moritz Hayler, Fabian Kestel, Alicia Mller, Angelina Rdlein, Lea Schppach, Constantin Thngen-Reichenbach , Christian Traut, Victoria Vorderwlbecke, Elena Wolf, Lena Wrstlein, Elias Zeltner and Tim Zetzsche.

In addition, Director Dr. Jakob awarded the MINT-EC certificate to eleven graduate students. This was achieved by Annika Dehler (with success), Cora Ennes, Sasha Hettiarachchi, Pascal Hhn, Lukas Kiefer, Leopold Otte and Georg Schnell (each with special success), as well as Max Ole Elliger, Till Ennes, Moritz Hayler and Lena Wrstlein each with honors).

True Abimotto "Abi Today – Captain Morgan – Finally Rum" Ann-Kathrin Whner and Moritz Hayler allowed humor to pass the time at Ernestinum's review. She thanked all the teachers. Lower Secondary and High School Choir led by Veronika Schleicher provided musical arrangements for a farewell party. cs