43-year-old El Salvador migrants in the United States die under border control 2

43-year-old El Salvador migrants in the United States die under border control

The 43-year-old El Salvador, who moved to the US with his daughter, collapsed at the border crossing and later died in the hospital, officials said on Saturday.

The man spent more than a week at the central processing center in Rio Grande Valley, McAllen, Texas, demanding executives. The official said that a man had health problems, had been medically examined.

The daughter was still in custody at the US patrol at the border, but officials demanded an accelerated transfer to the shelter by an agency that manages to create children crossing the border alone, the official said. The officer did not know the daughter was underage.

The child will be in the home until they release him to the sponsor, but it may take weeks. The officer was not allowed to disclose details of the ongoing investigation and spoke to Associated Press on condition that he remained anonymous.

According to the US Customs and Border Protection, the cause of the death of humans is still unknown.

The facility, like most other border patrol stations along the US-Mexican border, is overcrowded. The death toll is in progress, and Congress and the Chief Inspector of the Interior Ministry, the supervisor, who was under surveillance, reported the border authorities, according to a statement. So he became El Salvador's government.

Border stations are usually at the border with more than 4,000 people and more than 15,000 in custody. Attorneys and lawyers condemned stinky, dirty conditions inside stations that should not be more than a temporary station.

Even with accelerated processing, it is unclear how much his daughter will continue to be the McAllen facility. Teens and children should only be held for 72 hours, but due to delays in the system, they are held for several days or weeks.

At least two adults and five children have died in custody since December, including a teenager who died of flu and last month in McAllen's central data center. More than a dozen others have been ill with flu in the epidemic in May, and the facility was briefly closed and sanitized.

In order to assist in the management of migrants in custody, Congress has provided a $ 4.6 billion aid package to President Donald Trump. Administration officials say they expect a 25 percent fall in June.

Updated Date: June 30, 2019 00:53